If you’re in Greece looking for something to do tonight, you can play it safe by going out to watch a movie. This makes for a fun night out even when you are not in the mood to go out. You can get cozy in the cinema and enjoy your favorite snacks while the movie plays in front of you. 

Unfortunately, as the majority of the population here speaks Greek, you may find it hard to watch English dubbed movies or movies with English subtitles here. 

Greek people love to go to the movies and watch Hollywood dubbed movies even more than their productions. Don’t worry, though; there are many cinemas where they play movies in their original language with greek subtitles so that you can catch one of those. 

The Best English Movie Theaters In Greece 

Before you plan to watch a movie, just be sure to check whether it is in English or not. It would often say English on the website, but then, if you look closely, it would specify something else. 

English Movie Theaters In Athens 

Athens is Greece’s capital and has many ex-pats from around the world. This means that the demand for English movies is high here. 

  • Athenian Cinepolis – in the busy cafe street called Zisimopoulou street.
  • Novacinema Odeon Glyfada – an old style cinema that offers an interval break.
  • Village Cinemas Faliro 9 – most famous cinema chain in Greece with luxury seating. 
  • Village Cinemas Agios Dimitrios 5 – inside the Metro mall on the 4th floor.
  • Aegli – an open air cinema experience.
  • Cine Paris – another open air cinema with a breathtaking view. 
  • Cine Thisio – located on the Apostolou pavlou
  • Cinemarian – an underground private experience. 

English Movie Theaters In Mykonos

  • Cine Manto – open air cinema experience 

English Movie Theaters In Santorini         

  • Cine Kamari – open air cinema 

English Movie Theaters In Poros 

  • Cine Diana – watch your favorites here.
  • Cine Rex plus – open air cinema experience   
  • Cine Enastron – located inside the Paros park  

English Movie Theaters In Crete 

  • Cine Kipos – an open air cinema with a dramatic flair.
  • Bethlehem Cinema – an open air cinema inside the Venetian monument.  

4 Things You Need To Know About Cinemas In Greece 

  • Animated movies are only in Greek – You will hardly find any animated movies in English in Greece as all movies here are dubbed in Greek so that children can understand them better. 
  • Half-time break exists – if a movie is longer than say 2 hours then you will get an interval break. 
  • Previews are in Greek – don’t be surprised if the preview starts in Greek, it is a common practice here. The movie will be in English.
  • Alcohol is allowed – you are allowed to bring in alcohol and your own food and drinks to the cinema. 

That is the end of the list of cinemas in the major cities of Greece that put on english movies. The benefit here is the fact that all hollywood movies are played in their original language, so all of the expats will enjoy them thoroughly.