List Of Markets In Greece

Name Type 
Smile marketConvenience store
OK Anytime marketsConvenience store
Alfa-Beta Vassilopoulos Supermarket 
Bazaar Supermarket 
Lidl Supermarket 
Masoutis Supermarket 
My MarketSupermarket 
Proton Supermarket 
Sklavenitis Supermarket and Hypermarket
Grand Masoutis Hypermarket 
Elephant Hypermarket and Cash and carry
Metro Cash and carry
Galaxias Cash and carry
ENA Cash and carry
4 seasons bioBio supermarket 
Novegea Bio supermarket 
Discount market Discount market

Types Of Supermarkets In Greece

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are small shops that include essential everyday items like packaged food and fresh produce. These stay open for extended hours usually. Smile and Ok Anytime markets are among the popular ones in Greece and have all the necessary things you might need in a hurry. Convenience stores are very accessible, but their prices are mixed up. You will find some items at a low price while others might seem slightly overpriced. 


Supermarkets generally have a wide variety of products all under one roof, from food to clothes to home accessories. However, the main focus is on food items like fresh produce, packaged food, frozen cooked meals, bakery and dairy items. 

Alfa-Beta Vassilopoulos is one of the biggest chains here in Greece. They have more than 500 stores throughout the country! Sklavenitis is the second-largest chain, with more than 400 outlets in Greece. So you could say these are the trusted places people go to. 

These places also have separate sections for items from around the world that they have imported. You have American, Asian and many other types of food items that you usually won’t find in Greece. They also have brand name products that you can get and are priced lower than the more established brand names. 


Hypermarkets have a variety of miscellaneous items in one place. Think of it as a combination of a supermarket and a convenience store. A one-stop shop experience, hypermarkets have everything from electronics to food items to baked goods and fresh food. You can even get all sorts of clothing items here and home decor items. 

Hypermarkets in Greece include Sklavenitis, grand Masoutis and Elephant. If you’re a tourist in Greece, these will be a good stop for you to grab a few necessities when you’re here. 

Cash And Carry 

The idea of a cash and carry is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. Cash and carry only takes cash payments, and you will have to carry your purchases yourself; there is no delivery. This can be a bit of a bother if you’re used to paying with a card so keep that in mind before you step in here. 

Bio Supermarket 

Bio supermarkets usually have organic products available only. Although these are a preference for a healthier lifestyle away from processed food, these tend to be more on the expensive side. Four seasons bio and Novegea are a few of the bio store chains here in Greece. These are eco-friendly and help promote a healthier lifestyle amongst its customers. These aren’t as popular as supermarkets, but their fresh produce is always the best. 

Discount Markets 

Many of these small discount stores are in small neighbourhoods around the area. One of the more popular ones is the Discount market. Here you will find everything at a cheaper rate than what you find in the supermarkets outside. These are very popular amongst the locals and tourists alike as grocery is not cheap in Greece. Their in-house brands are also a go-to for essential everyday items. 

Which Supermarkets Deliver In Greece?

Many people prefer to get their groceries delivered at home, so they do not have to go through the hassle of finding all they want at a superstore. This is convenient for most food items other than fresh fruit and vegetables. They might turn out bad by the time they get to you. 

Websites include e-fresh, e-joy, pop market and many more. These are all very reliable, and many even have the option for you to choose the delivery time. These include small startups as well. So it would be an excellent idea to buy from them and support small businesses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Supermarkets Open On A Sunday In Greece? 

Most supermarkets stay closed on Sundays throughout Greece. So you might want to stock up on things before the weekend approaches. However, a few convenience stores are also open on Sundays, although very few. 


There are many markets here in Greece for you to get your groceries and other essential items. Your choice depends on the budget, your location and the type of diet you follow. This will help you choose where to go shopping.