The “Social Security Registration Number”, the AKMA (Αριθμός Μητρώου Κοινωνικής Ασφάλισης), in Greece, is the insurance identification number of every individual, whether a worker, retired person or their protected family members.  All transactions, including work, insurance, pensions, and benefits in Greece for citizens and non-nationals, demand a current AMKA number.  

What Is The Social Security Number In Greece

Every resident and citizen of Greece is given a whole number called an AMKA. In addition to keeping track of a person’s social security contributions and entitlements, it is also utilized for medical needs, such as gaining access to public healthcare facilities.

Every Greek citizen is automatically given an AMKA at birth, issued by the Greek government. An AMKA can also be obtained by non-Greek citizens by submitting an application at their neighborhood Citizen Service Center (KEP) or social security office. A Greek social security number can generally be obtained without an appointment, and the majority of KEP offices are accessible to the public from 8 am to 2 pm.

You must submit your personal information, such as your complete name, date of birth, and country of citizenship, along with any necessary paperwork, such as your passport or residency permit, to apply for an AMKA. Even if you change occupations or relocate to a different region of Greece, once you have been given an AMKA, it will remain the same for the rest of your life.

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What Makes the AMKA Essential?

The foundations for a new functional structure of the Social Security system, supporting and reinforcing the Social Security reform, are created with the AMKA and the 13 new Social Security Institutions. This is how it works:

The groundwork is set for contemporary, streamlined benefits in fundamental facets of individuals’ daily lives, such as:

  • An AMKA is mandatory to avail of the health benefits the Greek government provides. It subscribes to healthcare services like doctor visits, hospital treatment and prescription medicines. If you do not have an AKMA, you will have to pay for your medical expenses out of your pocket or get private health insurance. The healthcare sector can increase benefits by taking prompt action to prevent wasting Security Fund money.
  • The domain of employment and insurance for workers, since their rights are safeguarded by preventing contribution avoidance.
  • By drastically cutting the time needed to issue a pension.
  • Transactions are made more straightforward for all of us thanks to the modernization of relevant institutions and improved services.
  • Particularly in the case of subsequent insurance, the period needed to provide a pension is shortened.
  • The insurance, health care, and pensions of citizens who work in other European Union countries are also made more straightforward by supporting EU norms.

Necessary Supporting Documents to Get AMKA

The following list of supporting documents is required for each category:

For Greek Citizens

  • Greek military identification cards or police identification cards.
  • A family status certificate from a parent or other legal representation is required for youngsters under 12 who do not have a police ID.

For Foreign Nationals

  • Identification card for foreigners, a passport, or a card that corresponds to the Greek police
  • When an identity card or passport is not present or does not contain the data needed for the census, a family status certificate that has been translated into Greek officially must be used.
  • A birth certificate is necessary for all Greek-born minors.

Documents Required To Purchase AMKA Through A Representative

Since each person’s eligibility and legal situation in Greece are unique, we always advise contacting the state agencies or representatives directly to confirm your eligibility. To ensure your eligibility, the required paperwork, and whether or not you’ll need an appointment, we advise contacting your local KEP (Kentro Eksipiretisis Politon ) office before your visit.

Usually, with the previously specified documents, you will also need the following are necessary:

  • Identification proof, such as a driver’s license, passport, or certificate of marital status, and a Responsible Declaration under Law 1599/1986 stating that the representative is acting on behalf of the beneficiary.

Method For Updating Or Modifying Information

The information of those who already have AMKA (such as name, phone number, residence, insurance provider, etc.) may be changed and updated at the initiative of the interested person through the KEP or AMKA offices. 

Unemployment Benefits Through AKMA

Greek residents are only eligible for unemployment benefits once they have the AMKA (Social Security Registration Number). Besides getting an AKMA, one only gets unemployment compensation from the Greek government if you have lost your job.

You must also register with the Manpower Employment Organization (OAED), the Greek government department in charge of administering unemployment benefits. You will have to submit an application for benefits and can do that online or in person at an OAED office.

During the registration process, you will be asked to enter your personal information, such as your AMKA, and information regarding your career history and why you lost your job. Your eligibility for unemployment benefits will be determined by OAED using the information provided.

Once you fulfill the requirements we discussed, you will be eligible and receive a weekly payment from OAED. However, the maximum duration for these payments is 12 months, depending on your previous work experience and the reason for your job loss. OAED also requires you to try getting a job. They ask for evidence that you are actively seeking employment and participating in job training programs to continue receiving benefits.

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Retirement Benefits through AKMA

The AMKA (Social Security Registry Number) is required to disburse retirement benefits to those who fulfill the requirements. Like any other country, Greece also has a social security system that manages the whole process of providing retirement benefits. In contrast, the benefits program is funded by contributions from employers, employees, and then the Greek government chips in on top of it.

To be eligible for retirement benefits, of course, getting an AKMA is not the only requirement; you must have contributed to the social security system for at least 15 years, and you should be 67 years of age to receive a full pension you should have contributed for 40 years and be 62 years of age. Your AMKA is used to track your contributions and determine your eligibility for retirement benefits.

When you reach retirement age, you can apply for retirement benefits from the social security system. You will need to provide your personal information, including your AMKA and details about your employment history and contributions to the social security system.

The number of retirement benefits you receive will depend on several factors, including age, years you have contributed to the social security system, and your average earnings during your working years.

So, the AMKA is essential to providing retirement benefits in Greece because it is used to confirm your identity, keep track of your social security system contributions, and process payments for your retirement benefits. Given that this special social security number is used to confirm your identification and employment history, as well as to ascertain your eligibility and process your benefit payments, the AMKA is essential to the delivery of unemployment benefits in Greece.


Suppose you plan to work and live in Greece; it is only wise to apply for and get an AMKA (Social Security Registry Number). AKMA is required for many services that you would not want to miss, including healthcare, social security benefits, and tax purposes. With an AMKA, you may be able to avail these benefits, which can make it challenging to live and work in Greece.

If for some odd reason, you do not want to get an AMKA and do not plan to work or receive social security benefits in Greece; it may not be strictly necessary. Keep in mind, though, that some banks and financial institutions may require an AMKA to open an account or get other financial services like loans and insurance, so it may still be helpful to obtain the AKMA even if you are not working in Greece.

Overall, while having an AMKA is not mandatory to get, it still is highly recommended if you intend to work or even just live in Greece for an extended duration because it will enable you to access critical services and be able to fulfill many eligibility requirements or even regulations more conveniently.