If you are done with your current job and are ready to write down your resignation letter, then this is just what you need. The guide encompasses all the essential things you need to know while writing a resignation letter that your employer accepts.

Six Tips For Writing An Amicable Resignation Letter

Use The Suitable Communication Medium

It is usually the standard to type out and print your resignation letter. Many countries don’t even accept digital letters via email, WhatsApp, or SMS. Ideally, it would help if you handed it in in person. It gives off an excellent impression to your employer. 

Find The Notice Period

You should read the termination section of your contract carefully before you start drafting your letter. When your employer receives your termination letter, the notice period begins. Give your termination letter to your employer in person if you can; this is a considerate method to end your employment relationship with your employer on good terms. Sending the resignation letter by mail is the best option if you cannot arrange a meeting with your boss. If you must depart on good terms, you can phone your boss to discuss your resignation before mailing the letter via postal service. If you’re mailing your termination letter, include tracking, so you’ll know when your employer receives it.

Write Your Resignation Letter In Greek

You will likely receive your employment contract in Greek and English if you work in an English-speaking workplace. Most of these contracts contain language stating that only the Greek version is enforceable.

Because of this, you should strongly consider drafting your resignation letter in Greek because the company will appreciate it. In some cases, the resignation letter in Greek will be a compulsion.

Use ‘aftoí’ Instead Of ‘eseís’

No matter which country you’re residing in, a resignation letter is a very formal communication method. You should always address your employer as ‘aftoi’ as this is a sign of respect and shows no type of informal relationship with your boss.

Address Your Resignation Letter To The Right Person

You will typically need to address the letter of termination to your manager. However, some employers also demand that you deliver a copy of your resignation letter to the human resources division. In this situation, you should confirm with your human resources department how you should address your letter. If you need to make a copy, address each copy of your resignation letter to the appropriate person. Therefore, you should address one letter to your manager and the other to the HR representative.

Proofread Your Termination Letter

As this is a severe matter, any error or mistake could make your letter invalid or give your employer a very informal and non-serious look. It would help if you went through it multiple times to ensure no such error occurs. You can also check it through online websites, which can ensure that the grammar and spellings used are correct. 

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Formal Structure Of The Resignation Letter In Greece


When writing a resignation letter in Greece, a standard margin format is used, which states that 1-inch margins are used for the left, right, top, and bottom sides of the page. These are not entirely fixed and can be changed if you find a template online.

Your Personal Information

It is preferred that you use a left-aligned format as followed:

  • Contains your name followed by your address. The address should be where you can access the mail if an important document is sent. If not available, provide a trustworthy person’s address to ensure the documents aren’t misplaced.


The date is also left-aligned.

Company’s Information

This is also left-aligned and is as follows:

  • Recipient name
  • Recipient title
  • Company name
  • Company’s address is followed by the city.

Subject Line

Here you mention the purpose of writing the letter, which is a resignation letter. Make sure that you mention that you’re resigning so the recipient knows the purpose of this letter.


If you’re writing a letter to your boss, then you should address them formally by using “Αγαπητέ κ”(Male) or “Αγαπητή κυρία” (Female).

Job Resignation Paragraph

This is the central part of your letter. The termination letter’s opening sentence is it’s most crucial. Regardless of any pending vacation leaves, as they are talked about separately, not in this letter. You should also mention the last day of work here, along with your complete name and position at the company.


This is optional; however, you can wish to add one if there is.

Request Acknowledgment Of Recipient

If you want, you can ask your employer whether they received this letter or not by sending you a signed document in return if they have. If not, you have the date you sent the letter mentioning the last day of work if any issue is caused.

Request For A Work Reference

After your employment connection with them has ended, your employer must give you a work reference. However, it is usually a good idea to include this request in your termination letter. This letter can take a few weeks to reach you via postal mail, but it is necessary, so make sure to follow up with it if you haven’t received it in the mail and didn’t mention it in the letter.

Request For A Holiday Certificate

A letter from the employer you’re leaving that mentions how many vacation days you’ve used this year is known as a “holiday certificate.” Some new employers ask for this certificate to calculate how many vacation days you have left for this calendar year, so they don’t give you extra days off. Not all employers will ask you for this certificate, but you should have it on you if someone does.

Say Thank You

This isn’t necessary, but the employer would appreciate it if you dedicate a paragraph describing the pleasant experience you had during the time and thanking them. An example could be as follows:

“I appreciate your helpful collaboration and your confidence in me. Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to learn and advance personally and professionally. I hope you and the business continue to succeed in the future.”

This would leave a good final impression on your employer.

Complimentary Closing

Here you close the letter by providing a closing such as; Yours Sincerely or Kind regards.

Your Signature And Name

Write your complete name and signature, which shouldn’t be done digitally. Make sure you sign it off with a pen.

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Final Thoughts

Keep working usually and enthusiastically until your last day after submitting your resignation. It’s crucial to leave your work on good terms since your new company might ask your previous employer for a recommendation. So, keep this in mind if your job with a corporation ends. It will not look well on you if you frequently call in sick or perform poorly at work, so make sure to take care of yourself so you can give the best results, and your work experience will go by smoothly.