As with living anywhere in the world, Greece also comes with highs and lows. The guide has a compilation of the pros and cons we have experienced. They might vary for you but will give you insight into the place. 

Pros Of Living In Greece 

Low Cost Of Living 

If you are someone who works remotely or for clients from outside Greece, you will find that here your money will last you way longer than it did in the USA. The lifestyle also suits someone who has retired and wants to live here. But those of you who plan on working here should know that their salaries are also low as everything is cheap here. 

Incredible Food 

With the main focus on fresh produce, Greek cuisine uses a lot of tomatoes, olives, and yogurt. The diet here is famous, and almost all ingredients are locally sourced. Their diet is famous, and people generally live healthier and longer here. 

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Robust Weather And Seasons 

Greece has excellent weather, and you can enjoy the change in seasons here. As the weather switches up gradually, you will get to feel and experience it. As the weather is the Mediterranean, it does get a bit hot and sunny here. You can escape the heat at an island nearby, though. The winters, although cold, have the sun out usually. 

Pros And Cons Of Living In Greece  2

Excellent Healthcare 

For people from anywhere in the world, no matter what their nationality is, Greece offers free emergency healthcare services to you all. They have excellent healthcare services, especially in the bigger cities. You will not face any problems when in need. 

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Greece is one of the world’s safest cities, with a meager crime rate. The violent crime rate is very low; the maximum is theft around touristy places. So keep your phones and wallets in check. If you’re living alone here, then this is something you need not worry yourself over. 

The Golden Visa 

An initiative by the Greek government, this program gives ex-pats residency in return for investing in real estate. The Golden visa is a 5-year residency permit. If you’re from the EU, you can apply for this as soon as you land. 

Friendly Locals 

Ex-pats are welcomed here by all the friendly locals of Greece. They will help you as much as possible, and you will need their help to communicate and find your way. They also host many traditional cultural events, which you can be a part of. 

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Slow, Relaxed Life 

With a laid-back and relaxed lifestyle, Greece is the place for you if you plan on enjoying every moment that life gives you. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures and see how the country does wonders for you. 

Historical Sites 

Greece is full of unique historical architecture you can see in person if you’re here. One gets transported to another era with so much fascinating history and culture. Please make time to see them, as they are cheap to get into. 

Pros And Cons Of Living In Greece  5

Ferry System 

If you want to hop around the Greek islands, their ferry system will be really helpful for you. Travel becomes easy, and you can pick and choose your travel destination. This makes for an affordable and scenic way of travel. 

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International Travel Is Easy 

As Greece is located in the middle of Europe, you will find that traveling around Europe will be really easy for you. All the great places will not be too far away if you are in the mood for a vacation. There are regular ferries between Greece, Italy, and turkey. 

Cons Of Living In Greece 

Language Barrier 

The majority of the people living in Greece speak Greek, and there is a small number who speak English. If you stay in the major cities, you will be okay. Otherwise, you will need to brush up on your Greek skills or make a friend who will help you in such situations. 

Employment Issues 

If you plan on moving here without securing a job, you might want to rethink that decision. Ex-pats find it hard to get a job here as being fluent in Greek is usually one of the requirements. It works for those who freelance or want to retire and settle here. 

Ex-Pats Still Pay Taxes 

If you’re from the US, you will have to pay income tax here and back in America. The only way to get out of this is if you give up your American citizenship, which might be an extreme move. 

Tourist Places Are Expensive 

If you live in some common and major Greece city, you will find that touristy spots and places are expensive. Even more so during the tourist seasons. In smaller cities, this won’t bother you so much. 

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One of the major downsides of the country Greece has a lot of bureaucracy, and paperwork will take weeks, if not months, to go through the system. It can be a painful and slow procedure that will test your patience. 

Coercive Begging 

At tourist spots, you will find many people giving you flower headbands, bracelets, etc. These are not for free. This is a part of coercive begging that has been happening here for a while. 

Strikes And Protest

Strikes and civil protests are really common here. These go on for hours and cause a lot of disruption in people’s everyday lives. These usually happen in major cities. 

Sponsorship By A Greek Employer 

You must apply for a standard work permit if you do not have approval for the Golden visa. For this, you will need sponsorship from a Greek employer. This might be an issue if you have trouble finding a job here. 


It would be best not to rely on pictures when looking for accommodation in Greece. Properties here are often very old and in dire need of renovation, which is super expensive. So be sure to take a good look at the place you want to stay at before you commit to it. 

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Unreliable Wifi 

The internet speed in Greece is a hit or miss. It is not much at times and downloading, and streaming can be a hassle here. You do not need to worry about it if your work is more hands-on with less digital involvement, but this might be an issue for others. 

Final Thoughts 

Greece is one of the most favorite locations for people to move to. The perfect views and weather make for a fantastic place to call home. However, as with any other place, you must weigh the pros and cons according to your preferences. This depends on your lifestyle, and everyone’s choices will vary accordingly.