Although the world has transformed into a global village still, on day to day basis, we do come across different things and instances where we have to send written documents or legal papers to someone living far away. So, we must revert to old sending techniques like traditional postal services and letter writing. Here in this guide, we will let you know what different document-sending ways can be used to send and receive essential papers from Greece.   

How To Send A Letter In Greece With Ελληνικά Ταχυδρομεία (Hellenic Post):

Once you know that you have all the documents ready to post, you have two options. The first one is that you can go to the Hellenic post-S.A. (ELTA) office, multiple branches, DHL outlets, or kiosks centers with ELTA signs around you to get your post stamped and get it mailed. 

The second option is if you already have bought stamps, you need to place them onto your envelope and drop them in letterboxes, usually big yellow ones around your vicinity.  

If you cannot find any, you can also get the nearest location around you with the help of a location finder. You can also get to know when the post boxes are emptied regularly so you can plan accordingly. 

If you can not go to the post office to buy stamps because of any reason, there are many kiosks where you can get them. Other than that, there are also stamp vending machines that will save you the time of long queues in the post office.

If you need to send a parcel somewhere, you can get the box and other packaging material from the post office or kiosk center. For more oversized parcels, you must visit the post office and get them mailed from the Hellenic post. Huge parcels are inspected in the office, so if you have the packaging material with you, we recommend not sealing it.   

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Where To Write The Address On The Envelope In Greece?

If you want your letter to reach its destination fast and on time, you must write down the address in the correct format.  

The recipient or delivery address is written on the bottom right-hand side corner of the envelope. In contrast, the return address must also be mentioned on the upper left-hand side or the back of the envelope. The top right corner is supposed to be stamped that you got from kiosk centers. All addresses should be left aligned with the same font along with spacing and the same font size. 

Do remember to write the sender’s address at the top left corner of the envelope. 

What Is The Greek Address Format?  

As an international rule, the envelope must have the recipient’s name on it. Usually, the letter boxes outside houses or apartments have the last names on them, so be careful while writing the name so that it can be delivered to the right place. 

The Greek Address Format Looks Like this:

For private Person

Line one: recipient or receiver contact name

Line two: street number along with house number

Line three: postal code of the city

Line four: country

For Private Family

Line one: family name and last name

Line two: street number and house address

Line three: postal code of the city

For Company

Any letter you need to send to the company always starts with “attention of,” and the full name is written on the first line. Then on the second line respective department and contact person is written. On the following line, the street number is mentioned. In the last line postal code of the city with the country is mentioned. 

How To Write An International Address On A Letter From Greece 

Being an ex-pat, when you want to write a letter in your home country, you should follow the address format of your home country or where you want to send the letter. You must write the city in capital letters clearly, and the language should be from the home country where the letter will be delivered. The last line should be of the destination country in capital letters. 

How Much Does It Cost To Mail A Letter In Greece?

Hellenic post-S.A. (ELTA) It offers its services to many European countries where packages and letters are delivered through parcel shipping and mail services. The cost of the package entirely depends upon its weight and its destination.  

To give an overview, ELTA sends registered and express mail internationally and domestically with weights up to 2 kg. Domestic postal services cost varies from 0.90 euros to 7.40 euros, while for international posts, the cost varies from 1 euro to 26 euros. Hellenic Post services also offer cash on delivery service as well as tracking services, but those are charged separately. 

For parcel shipping, the cost is significantly high, but the excess weight justifies the cost. Parcel shipping with Hellenic post is available with a maximum package weight of 35 kg. The shipping cost is estimated depending on the route of the consignment. Usually, the courier company divides the landing destinations into different areas and applies charges accordingly. Other private companies collect parcels, but all are delivered to ELTA with weights of more than 2 kg. ELTA charges 13.29 euros for a parcel that weighs up to 2 kgs and 40.57 euros for a package that weighs up to 10 kgs for domestic delivery. 

ELTA delivery charges from Greece to other European Countries for packages up to 2 kgs is 40.93 euros, and for packages, up to 10 kgs cost is 76.42 euros. 

Other exclusive services offered by Hellenic post are express mail service and special priority mail. Express mail service delivers to the selected locations and ELTA pickup points within 2 to 3 days. Special priority mail service is performed by air in most European countries and the U.S. as well, and the parcel is delivered the next business day. 

How Long Does A Letter In Greece Take To Arrive

Eurosender takes 24 hours to 72 hours to deliver a parcel, along with allowing on-spot pickup of your package and delivery at the designated address during booking time.  

ELTA also offers Saturday or weekend deliveries on specific destinations and parcel sizes. These are available for certain areas only with higher charges. 

How To Send A Letter With Tracking In Greece

Whenever you book your shipment with the Hellenic post, you are provided with the tracking number with shipment confirmation. Hellenic post and ELTA both offer to track codes for locating mail and parcels. Eurosender also has a unique tracking number that can be used at any time to track your parcel.  

If you are planning to parcel some expensive items, we would recommend getting insurance for your parcel because, in case of any damage, loss, or delay, you can get the protection just after paying a small price. You just need to contact the ELTA customer care center from Monday to Friday and get the help needed. 


Greece has a famous efficient postal service that is very well organized. Provided that the address is written in a proper format, machines sort out letters carefully and make timely delivery possible.