How To Understand & Dial Greek Phone Numbers

Every country has its format regarding telephone numbers and making phone calls. Greece has its pattern that you must follow whether you are making calls from outside Greece or within Greece. 

How Do You Write And Dial A Greek Phone Number?

You should call them if you have Greek relatives or friends you want to stay in touch with while traveling to another nation. You need to follow these steps.

Ether The Exit Code Of Your Home Country

Enter the country’s exit code where you currently reside. You can contact a different nation by dialing the exit code. Most exit codes are made up of zeros and ones based on the nation you reside in. You must dial 011 from North America but 00 from the UK and other European nations.

Dial 30 For Greece’s Country Code

You may reach all Greek phone numbers by using the country code. After entering the exit code for your nation, dial 30 to connect to all Greek phone lines. While making phone calls to Greece from the rest of the world, you need to remember the following things:

Every nation has a unique country code.

For instance, the country code for the United States is 1.

So, the number should currently appear as “001 30.”

Enter The Respective Area Codes Of Greece

Once you enter the exit code and the Greece country code, the next thing is to enter the area code where you want to make a phone call.

All area codes for locations begin with the number 2. Nowadays, area codes have two, three, and four digits. Thessaloniki, Patras, Larissa, Heraklion, Kavala, and Tripoli all have three-digit area codes; the only two-digit area code for the Athens Metropolitan Area is 21. The remaining codes all have four digits.

Some essential destinations in Greece have the following landline area codes:

Greater Athens Metropolitan Area 21

Central Greece and the Aegean Islands 22

Central Macedonia and Florina 23

Thessaly and West Macedonia (excluding Florina) 24

East Macedonia and Thrace 25

West Greece, Ionian Islands, and Epirus 26

Peloponnese and Kythera 27

Crete 28

Thessaloniki 231

Patras and area 261

Heraklion prefecture 281

Kavala area 251

Larissa area 241

Tripoli and area 271

The phone number is always ten because two-digit codes are used with subscriber numbers that are eight digits, three-digit codes are used with numbers that are seven digits, and four-digit codes are used with numbers that are six digits.

Greek Phone Numbers 1

Greek Landline Phone Number Format

Greek area codes usually have between two and four digits. The area code comprises ten digits that make up a Greek landline number.

Even if the caller is in the same area, all ten digits of a Greek phone number must be entered when placing a domestic call.

Dial the international call prefix (00/+), the Greek country code (30), the subscriber number, and the area code to reach a landline in Greece from abroad. For example, to reach an Athens landline, type 00-30-21XXXXXXX or +30-21XXXXXXXX.

Greek Mobile Telephone Number Format

Greek mobile numbers have ten digits and start with 6. To contact a Greek mobile number inside of Greece, dial the complete ten-digit number, for example, 6XXXXXXXX.

Dial the international access code (00/+), the Greek country code (30), and then the customer number, such as 00-30-6XXXXXXX or +30-6XXXXXXXX, to make a call to a mobile phone in Greece from the UK or another country.

How To Find A Phone Number In Greece?

The dialing codes for Greece are listed below. The first digit reflects the type of service. Short codes are assigned to the digits 1, whereas 2, 3, and 4 are for geographic numbers and inter-network calling purposes; five is used along with VPNs. 6 is reserved mobile service, whereas seven is for UAN (Universal Access Numbers). Reduced-fee services are assigned the digit eight, like toll-free numbers or dial-up, and data services and premium rate services are assigned the digit 9. (901 for public use and 909 for services only available to adults).

How To Get A Greek Phone Number

Most subscriber numbers in these regions begin with 0. To create the new ten-digit numbering scheme in 2002, that digit was added between the area code and the subscriber number. So, many Greeks mistakenly believe that the area codes include this leading 0. For instance, people mistakenly believe that Athens has area code 210, whereas it has 21, with 0 being the initial digit of the subscriber number.

The previous monopoly OTE is given subscriber numbers that begin with 0. Subscriber numbers that begin with digits other than 0 are becoming more and more prevalent, particularly among business subscribers, in larger cities like Athens and Thessaloniki. Many people believe that the area code is different in this scenario.

For instance, a subscriber number in Athens might begin with 211, even though many people mistakenly believe that 211 and 210 belong to different area codes and that the subscriber number owns the third digit of the number.

Greece Time Difference

While dialing some loved ones in Greece, consider the local time and be mindful of potential long-distance charges. There are additional solutions you can consider to save money if you don’t have a particular phone plan.