If you are ready to get married, you must know that a lot of planning and legalities are involved. Greece is a beautiful and picturesque location with all of the small villages and islands one can come across here. It is a hit spot for destination weddings, and we don’t blame you if you choose it for yours too. 

There are so many beautiful beaches, sunsets, resorts, and other locations available here that one might even start feeling overwhelmed by it. But worry not, as weddings are a big thing here, you will find a lot of vendors and decorators here who will help you plan your wedding. 

Research shows that Greece is one of the top five wedding destinations for people worldwide, and we all know that makes sense. This guide will help you plan out the whole thing as we have broken down the process for you in simple steps. 

Who Can Marry Whom In Greece?

There are a certain set of requirements that you must fulfill if you want to get married in Greece. These are:

  • It would help if you were over the age of 18. (Anyone younger than that age must have a notice from the court with parental permission to do so)
  • You do not need to be a citizen of Greece, but if one of the partners is a Greek citizen, they must have a residence permit.
  • If it is a religious marriage, then both sides cannot be related to one another. 
  • Even if you are married, you can already have a civil wedding ceremony here.

Since 2015, same-sex marriages have been legalized in Greece, and they can also have a civil union. 

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How Do You Get Legally Married In Greece?

Marriage is a legal contract between two people, giving them certain rights they must fulfill for one another. Therefore getting married in Greece requires the wedding to be officiated by the registrar. There are specific steps one must take to do that. 

Getting married in a church requires you to be a part of it and to pay taxes there. However, this is different from the civil ceremony. 

Where Can I Get Married In Greece?

If you want to stay lowkey, then you can get married at the civil registry, but if you are in Greece and don’t find a picturesque location, then why get married here at all? Trust us when we say that you will find all types of resorts, beaches, and small intimate places where you can get married with the help of a wedding planner. There are locations in Rhodes, Santorini, Zante, Crete, Kos, Corfu, Halkidiki, Skiathos, and Athens. 

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Can Foreigners Get Married In Greece? 

Couples from almost all over the world can marry in Greece. You do not need a residence permit for this. You will need to live in the city where you want to get married for about 21 days or more. However, this only applies to some of the cities. Sometimes, you can fly in and out just for the ceremony itself. 

What Steps Does Marriage Registration In Greece entail?

There is a specific process to follow when starting the registration process for your marriage certificate. 

Personal Consultation With The Civil Registry

Each city has a different requirement for this. This should be done a few months in advance of the wedding date that you have decided on. This might be a requirement for some cities but not for others. During the consultation, you are told what documents you require based on your nationality. 

Getting Your Documents Ready

What documents and paperwork are necessary for getting registered for marriage? The primary documents must have the following: 

  • A valid passport
  • A birth certificate with the Apostille stamp certifying the copy
  • An official Apostille translated into Greek should be certified, whether it is by a lawyer, a foreign ministry’s translation department, or a certified translator. The Greek consulate from your home country can also help the process.
  • Proof of freedom to marry in both English and Greek.
  • A decree of absolution of your previous marriage, if applicable.

Other documents may include any adoption or change of name certificates or a certificate that says there is no objection to the marriage. 

In case you want a religious wedding ceremony, you will have to provide many different documents than the ones required for a civil wedding. According to a source, these are:

  1. Certificates of No Impediment to marriage from the Municipality where the applicant is registered,
  2. Certificates of No Previous Marriage officially certified by the Archbishop of the area of residence,
  3. Full birth certificates from your local registry (Certified copies including the names of the parents; shorter versions will not be accepted),
  4. Family Status Certificates from your local registry,
  5. Baptism registration act/certificate,
  6. If either the bride or the groom is not baptized a Christian Orthodox, a Public Notary’s act is required where it is stated that the children will be baptized Christian Orthodox,
  7. Copies of the Passports,
  8. Divorce certificate (if any, from Civil and Church Authorities),
  9. Family Status Certificate for the best man (kouros) from the Municipality where he is registered; if the best man has been married with a civil wedding or has stipulated a civil partnership, he will not be accepted by the church as the best man.

Registering Your Wedding At The Registry Office

Around six months before your planned wedding date, civil registries allow you to register and book your spot in advance. You can reserve your wedding date 18 months in advance, but this comes with a fee. Getting an open sport on Saturdays or Sundays during the wedding season takes time and effort. People prefer to get married on a weekend so everyone can join them. 

If both parties submit their documents on time, then at times, you can get the registration certificate in almost eight days! You must stay in Greece for eight days before submitting the documents. 

The process for registration is different in each city. Some have it online, others in person or on call. You will have to check that with the registry of the city. One of the partners can go in and get the process done. Make sure to bring all documents with you; a power of attorney for your partner may also be required. 

Getting Married Through A Registrar

On your wedding day, you must bring your ID card or passport with you. If you are not eloquent in Greek, you will need to bring in a certified translator. There might be a requirement to bring in a witness or two if you are natively from America. This may apply to other nations too. 

Can I Choose The City I Am Getting Married In?

Yes, you can get married at any registry in any city in Greece. If you or your partner are a citizen of Greece, then you will have to register your wedding in the city where you are registered as a citizen. However, this does not require you to get married in the same city. 

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How Long Does It Take To Get Married In Greece?

The whole civil ceremony takes about half an hour maximum. However, the time slots are jam-packed, with about four slots assigned in an hour. 

How Much Does It Cost To Register A Marriage?

The affidavit of marriage costs €7. You might also need to spend €200 to €500 for the documentation process. If you do not speak or understand Greek, you will need to spend an additional hundred euros on a translator. 

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Final Thoughts

So that is all that is involved with the whole marriage procedure in Greece. We have compiled all the details from the first step to the end. You will find cool picturesque spots that are a hit for destination weddings amongst people worldwide. If you want to have your wedding or even a civil ceremony here, go through the article in detail.