Dogs are the oldest of our friends, giving unconditional companionship whenever we have time for them. Always in the mood to play with you, console you, spend time with you and, if it comes to it, protect you as well. People love to keep dogs as their pets, but specific rules must be followed to keep dogs as pets. These rules vary from country to country and from region to region. Here we will see different rules established in Greece if you want to keep the Dog as your pet. Nothing to worry about, though; rules are for the general good of society, for you and your Dog. 

Is Greece A Dog-Friendly Country?

Yes, Greece is a dog-friendly country. Whether you are living in Greece or planning to move to Greece for travel or work, you can bring your Dog along depending upon the conditions your pet meets. According to a survey conducted in 2021, there are almost 660 thousand dogs in Greece. About 14 per cent of the household population own a dog as a pet. People can own two or more pet dogs in Greece if they are microchipped, adequately vaccinated and, most importantly, have obligatory registration. Rabies vaccination is a mandatory requirement if you want to travel to Greece. If you travel from within Europe, you also need an EU pet passport. 

If you are planning to spend your vacations in Greece, let me give you some good news pets are allowed on beaches as well but with a leash. Pets can walk or stay with you on beaches as long as they are leashed. Private beaches come under private owners’ jurisdiction whether they allow pets or not. Secondly, dog swimming is not allowed where people are swimming on beaches. If you do so, you can be fined 50 euros to 150 euros by the port authorities. 

Europe is more friendly towards pets and specifically towards dogs. Dogs are allowed in almost every food store, bar, and train. Most restaurants are pet-friendly, too, where your dogs are treated pretty well. Pets can also travel free of charge on ferries, where special cabins are designed for dogs. You have to reserve them in advance before travelling. Pretty decent treatment for them, isn’t it?

How To Bring Your Dog To Greece?

EU has set specific rules that should be fulfilled if you travel with a pet from the EU or even from the rest of the world. If you travel to Greece along with a pet dog, you must have the following documents. 

Complete documents of your Dog, microchipped with 15 digits microchipped code.

A Pet Passport

A tattoo is also acceptable if it is applied before 2011

Rabies vaccination, primary vaccination or first dose of vaccination is given after implantation of the microchip; after that, all vaccination are booster doses. If you are entering a rabies-free country, the vaccination must be given within 21 days before coming to Greece. If you are entering from a high-risk rabies country, then your pet should be vaccinated (primary or booster) at least 30 days before entering Greece. Furthermore, if you are entering from high rabies country, FAVN, a rabies antibodies titer test, is mandatory after 30 days of vaccination. 

A health certificate from your veterinarian stating that the above information is rightly stated, it is a non-commercial transport, and your Dog will not be involved in any ownership sale.

Suppose the dogs are entering for commercial purposes. In that case, all of the above should be met, either entering from an EU member state (rabies antibodies test exempted) or outside the EU (must have rabies antibodies test). 

For non-commercial purposes, If you are travelling with more than five dogs, all should be six months or older and getting training or participating in a competition. 

If the Dog comes from Malaysia or Australia, the pet should not have had any contact with pigs during the last 60 days and should be tested against Nipah disease before entering Greece.

Puppies that are not vaccinated are not allowed to enter Greece. The minimum age for entering puppies in Greece is seven months after getting vaccinated for rabies. 

Buying A Dog In Greece

The first place to look when you want to buy a dog is the shelter, where abandoned dogs are kept for a certain time, hoping to find them a new home. You may need help finding the variety and breeds you ideally want to explore when deciding which one to bring home with you. But it is a mutually beneficial relationship you get into when bringing a pet home, so why not benefit the ones who need it the most? Dogs have emotions, too, so why not console a lonely soul? Why not save a dog from being euthanized…and my eyes getting wet? Let’s go back to the buying decision 🙂 

There are plenty of pet stores in Athens. The most famous ones are Pet City, Pet Panic, Pet Corner, ePets, Pet and Shop New World, PetKosmos.

Dogs In Greece 1

Where To Buy A Dog In Greece?

In Greece, you can only buy dogs from approved breeders and owners. Approved shelter houses are also open for the adoption of dogs. 

With A Registered Breeder

Always… I repeat, always go for a registered breeder. It can cost you more, but you will have a good long-term relationship with your furry friend. Registered breeders have a complete health track of every pet and vaccination records. There are strict penalties for breeders who do not comply with the rules where approved licence holders will be fined 2000 euros for selling single animals more than six times…

From An Amateur (Backyard Breeder)

Backyard breeders have to adopt it as a profession and are supposed to follow some restrictions too. You can also get your Dog from an amateur if they satisfy your requirements. 

Pet Shelter

Pet shelter houses in Greece also facilitate adoption for your pet. These shelter houses save animals and hand them over to responsible owners in need. The animal welfare department collects stray dogs and provides food and water to the dogs throughout the city. They keep records of lost dogs that facilitate finding your lost pet. You can choose from the dogs they have scrutinized thoroughly. 

Privately From Friends

One of the easiest ways to get a pet is from your friend who already has one pregnant Dog at home. So, it’s always good to convey your wish to your friend or family member. 

Where Not To Buy A Dog In Greece?

Multiple online resources offer attractive pet prices, but we can not recommend you buy from those online resources as they sell illegally imported dogs without any vaccination records. Whereas buying from a certified breeder will give you complete health and vaccination record of your new Dog.

Dogs In Greece 2

What Dogs Are Banned In Greece?

Well, as much as Greeks love dogs, an equally large population feels uncomfortable around dogs, especially those with aggressive breeds. Over time Greece has banned some such breeds:

Pit bull terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier

Argentino Dogo

…and some morelike Japanese Tosa and Fila Brasileiro. If you are travelling to Greece and want to know whether to bring your Dog with you, it would be a great idea to do your research, talk to a few Greek locals, and plan well in advance for taking your furry friend with you.

What Are The Most Popular Dogs In Greece?

Kokoni is Greece’s national Dog, but the Maltese is the Greeks’ most popular and favourite Dog. Other famous dog breeds include Greek Shepherd, Alopekis, Kokoni, Greek Harehound, Cretan Hound and Molossus of Epirus. Kokoni is a small furry domestic dog widely found throughout Greece. Its nature is like that it doesn’t bark much and has mild and gentle nature. 

Greek sheepdog or shepherd is considered a livestock guardian dog, while Alopekis resembles a fox and has pricked ears and a sickle-shaped tail.

The Cretan hound is a breed from Crete Island and is equally famous in Germany as in Greece. This long-shaped cat-like Dog is strong like a lion. Its sharp reflexes and high speed in the mountains help him survive. 

If you plan to own your Dog in Greece, you can select from any of these breeds.

Dog smuggling is a very serious offence in Greece; if you get caught smuggling your Dog across the border, you will be paying a fine of up to 2500 euros. 

Owning A Dog In Greece

As discussed earlier that Greece is a dog-friendly country; there are many dog parks like Pedion you Areos Park, Lycabettus Hill, Ardittos Hill and Dog Park Asirmatou, where your furry pet enjoys its time with other mates. Similarly, many bakeries provide quality food to pets, from freshly prepared meals to food supplements. Once you have provided them with good food, the next thing is to take them to pet grooming houses. If you are planning to visit Greece, then there are pet-friendly hotels too. Divani Caravel Hotel, St George Lycabettus, Iasonos Suites, Selina Theatrou, 18 Micon Street and Athens4 are the famous hotels to stay with your pet in Greece. Being an owner of your pet, you should also know some daycare centres available for your pet in case you need them. Some good daycare centres are Pallini Kennels and Pet Resort, and I Love Dogs, Avra Farm and 4 Feet Dog Center.  

If you are going to Greece in summer from May to September or even October, you should be careful about Leishmaniasis, which is widespread in southern Europe. 

Being a responsible citizen, you are expected to take complete financial and societal responsibility for your pet. If you are living in your own house, you can set your own rules, but if you live in a rented apartment or flat, you should follow the instructions set by your landlord.  

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Dog Rules In Greece

Once you own your furry friend, you must follow specific rules. Here we will discuss certain rules you should follow while keeping a dog as your pet. 

Register Your Dog With The Local Authorities

Whether you have got your pet from a local breeder or imported it, get your pet registered as soon as you get it. You can get a dog licence from Town Clerk’s Office in Greece Town Hall. For the licence renewal, you can get it done by post or by visiting the office. In some states, you may need to insure your Dog for third-party liability before getting the pet. Dog health insurance is equally important and will save you from future unforeseen accidents.   

Pay The Dog Tax

In Greece, every municipality is responsible for its area’s stray dogs. Every owner was supposed to pay municipal tax for the purchase of any animal, but now you have to pay this tax only if you are buying a particular dog, like a guide dog for the blind. These municipalities also impose heavy penalties if someone is caught abusing animals.  

Your Dog Has To Wear The City’s Dog Tag

Your Dog should have a dog tag while it’s in public areas. The pet owner’s name and contact information are printed on the tag that Dog is supposed to wear on its collar.  

Your Dog Needs To Be Microchipped

Every Pet in Greece is given 15 digits unique code that is microchipped in the Dog. Even if you lost your pet, you could easily find it through this microchip. 

Pick Up The Dog Poo

Apart from rules and regulations, it feels morally and ethically if you do not pick up your Dog’s poo while on a walk. You will be fined if you do not pick up the Dog’s poo.  

Mandatory Leash – Yes Or No?

In Greece, it is mandatory to leash your Dog when you are in public places. While visiting beech, you must put a leash on your Dog; otherwise, you are not allowed to walk with your pet. 

Dog Insurance In Greece

Dog insurance in Greece is mandatory. You are responsible for any injury caused by your Dog to a third party. Dog liability insurance covers the cost of property damage, broken things, financial loss and lawyer’s fees in case of need. So, it would be best if you got dog liability insurance as soon as you get it. Other than that, we recommend you get dog health insurance because you can never avoid accidents or sudden illnesses. Other than that, these insurances cover overnight hospital stays, dog farewell cover, pet passport replacement cost, and puppies support cover and vaccinations. With the added advantage of this health insurance, you can even get discounts on pet food, grooming centres.

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How Much Does It Cost To Have A Dog In Greece?

The cost of having a pet, especially a dog, depends on the breed and age you own. The younger, the better. Getting a dog in Greece can cost you from 500 euros to 5000 euros from a certified breeder, whereas if you buy it from a shelter house, you can get a dog for 300 euros. After getting the ownership, you should expect to spend roughly 200 euros to 800 euros in the first few months of ownership.


It always feels good if you are with your companion, your pet. They give you love and companionship. We tried to give you a comprehensive analysis of dogs in Greece, their types and other relevant information regarding the ownership of pets. We hope and wish you to have joyful moments with your pet.