For centuries dogs have been considered one of the best companions to humans. They provide unconditional love and friendship for their owners and help them relieve stress, anxiety, and other health issues. People used to keep dogs as their pets in ancient Greece, and the love for dogs continues in the present time. Like many other modern societies, Greece accepts dogs to be taken everywhere, whether in parks or sidewalks.  

Greek people love dogs; that is why most people keep them as pets. The stress or anxiety of getting your dog ill can be enormous, so getting the right insurance for your pet at the right time is always good. Many insurance companies provide different plans, which gives you a choice to evaluate these plans based on your requirements and opt for the best ones that suit your requirements. 

In this guide, we will explain the different insurances available for your pet, and then you can decide which one suits you the best among these three insurance plans. The first is third-party liability, the second is owners’ insurance, and the third is pet health insurance.

Quick Comparison Of The Best Dog Insurances In Greece

The monthly premium varies from 10 euros to 100 euros for pet insurance; usually, a person pays around 30 euros to 60 euros per month for a decent insurance plan.  Here we have two insurance providers that give comprehensive insurance plans for you and your pet. 

  1. Safe Pet System: One insurance plan is Safe Dog Insurance Plan for 115 euros per year, and the second is Safe Dog Plus Insurance Plan for 195 euros per year.
  2. Hoolie: 

Pluto Insurance Plan: The basic plan costs 170 euros per year for dog weight up to 10kg; for dog weight 11-20 kg, insurance costs 200 euros per year; for 21-40 kg dog weight insurance costs 220 euros per year and 41 kg and above weight pet insurance cost 235 euros per year.

Pluto Premium Plan: The basic plan costs 220 euros annually for dogs weighing up to 10 kg, 240 euros annually for animals weighing 11-20 kg, 260 euros annually for pets weighing 21-40 kg, and 275 euros annually for dogs weighing more than 40 kg. 

First Pet Insurance Plan: Annual subscription costs 13.50 euros but gives less coverage.

Love Me Back Plan: Annual subscription for 69 euros

Pet Owner Liability: Three types of pet owner liability insurance coverage costs 20, 40 and 65 euros per year. 

Dog Liability Insurance In Greece – Everything You Need To Know

Dog liability in Greece covers the cost of any damage caused by the pet to a third party. In Greece or even throughout the world, you are legally bound to bear the cost if your pet has caused any damage to the other party, even if you are not around. So, you need to get a third-party insurance plan if you have a pet. 

This is as simple as if, let’s say, you go to a shop and leave your pet outside, while the pet decides to lie down just in front of the door, and another customer, without noticing, exits the shop and falls because of your dog can just sue you (the owner of the dog). So, if you have not been insured for the third-party liability, you will be paying the amount out of your pocket. 

If you are confident enough that your pet is trained enough that he won’t be doing any harm or damage to anyone else, you should still go for dog liability insurance. 

In Greece, the federation of private insurers is paying hundreds of euros for pet liability insurance. 

Dog Insurance In Greece 1

Who Needs Dog Liability Insurance In Greece?

In Greece, the best-trained pet dogs can even put you in danger. So, it is important that you protect yourself from any such incident. If your pet has caused severe damage to the property of the third party, you are legally bound to bear the loss of the third person, which can be huge. Here we just gave the example of one accident; there can be a series of accidents. If your dog runs from you to any street and causes a series of damage to many cars…you may have to end up paying the cost of repairing all the cars. So, if you are living in Greece, getting yourself protected against your pet is recommended. 

What Does Dog Liability Insurance Cover In Greece?

Liability insurance can cover your damage of up to 5000 euros, 30,000 euros and 50,000 euros annually for single accident bodily damage, depending upon your insurance type.  

Similarly, the liability programme can cover up to 15,000 euros for material damage and bodily injury group accidents up to 100,000 euros. So, if you have a big animal like a dog or horse, you must get pet liability insurance.

Dog Insurance In Greece 2

Dog Liability Insurance In Greece Usually Covers The Following Five Areas:

  1. Personal bruise/injury: the damage caused to the third person by your dog. Let’s say your dog bites your neighbour or someone on the road; this insurance will cover that person’s medical expenses. 
  2. Property damage: if, unfortunately, your uncontrolled dog made damage the building, flat or office, the cost of repairing will be covered by this insurance.
  3. Broken things: you are in a hotel with your dog, and the dog damaged the sofa while you were talking on the phone; this insurance will cover the sofa repair cost.
  4. Financial loss: to someone who got late for a meeting because of your dog and now lost the contract. 
  5. Legal fees: lawyers fee if someone unjustifiably took you to court. 

Good Liability Insurances Will Also Include:

  1. Global coverage: worldwide travel insurance for your pet is included
  2. Without leash: damage caused by the dog if you have not put a leash on
  1. Self-defence: if the dog caused damage to itself while defending him.

Depending On The Insurance Provider, You Can Purchase The Following Add-Ons:

  1. Damage to the rented property: if you are taking your dog on a taxi, and your dog pees in the car, you can get it covered too
  2. Puppies’ insurance: puppies’ insurance can also be added to already insured dog

What Does Dog Liability Insurance Not Cover In Greece?

Most Dog Liability Insurance Do Not Cover:

Hereditary disease: An already existing disease that includes frequent visits to the vet.

Dental diseases: your pet’s dental issues are not included

Flea or worm treatment: these issues are not covered under liability insurance; you need separate health insurance.

Vaccinations: vaccinations are not included in this insurance type.

Dog Insurance In Greece 3

Dog Health Insurance In Greece – Everything You Need To Know

Pet Health insurance plans are designed to cover the cost of treating your pet for illness. Usually, medical expenses include surgery, sudden illness, medicines on prescription, diagnostic tests, emergency care, and hospitalization. Veterinary bills can go up to thousands of euros if you do not have a health insurance plan; you may have to pay it out of your pocket, which can be huge. 

An unexpected accident or a germ may cause your dog to get sick and burden your pocket, and dog health insurance saves you from such expenses. 

Certain illnesses or health issues are not part of health insurance. Those health issues excluded from insurance plans are usually hereditary illnesses or diseases, grooming and behaviour issues etc.     

What Does Dog Health Insurance Cover In Greece?

Dog Health Insurance In Greece Covers The Following Areas:

Hospital Expense

The insurance plan covers the hospitalization expense in case your pet needs to get hospitalized. These insurance plans even give you the freedom to choose a vet and clinic while staying in Greece. This does not include overnight stays in any hospital. 

Medical Expense Coverage

This includes the treatment of any sudden illness or accident

Dog Farewell Cover

Most insurance plans include a farewell cover by helping an abused pet or donating a certain amount to an animal welfare organization. 

Passport Replacement Cost

If you have lost your pet’s passport, a certain amount is paid to the owner for reissuing. 

Preventive Check-Ups Annually

Annual preventive check-ups are included in the package.

Discounts On Dog Food

If you are insured with a pet health plan in Greece, you will get discounts on most dog food items.

Dog Physical Health And Well-Being

General health insurance plan includes pet saloon services at discounted rates, as grooming and well-being for the dog are very important for its mental health.   

Training Centres

Annual training sessions for the dog to learn general obedience and socialization.

Puppies Support Programme

Dog health insurance plans include puppy support programmes too. If your dog has given birth to a puppy, it needs special care, so the insurance plan will take care of your puppy’s needs too. 

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Medical Insurance For Your Dog:

Age And Breed

This should be clear that the age and breed of your pet dog will influence the insurance price. The younger, the better with cheaper insurance policies. 

Dog Insurance In Greece 4

Vet fee

It should be mentioned in the health insurance policy about the vet fee. Nothing should be hidden. 

What Is The Best Dog Insurance In Greece?

Here we will guide you about the best possible pet health and liability insurance available in Greece.


With 2.2 million pets registered with the Hoolie foundation, this company is the largest in Greece. Its website and customer care are also provided in English. This comprehensive insurance plan covers every aspect your pet needs to get covered. 

Pet Owner Liability Insurance

The first Liability coverage plan includes insurance of 5000 euros for bodily damage in a single accident. 10,000 euros for bodily injuries in group accidents, for material damage, is 2000 euros, maximum company liability covers 20,000 euros, and the total premium per pet is 20 euros per year.  

The second liability plan includes paying bodily damage for a single accident 30,000 euros; for a group accident, bodily injuries is 60,000 euros; for material damages is 10,000 euros; maximum company liability covers 100,000 euros; and lastly, exemption per claim is 200 euros under this insurance programme. The total premium that needs to be paid under this schedule is 40 euros per pet per year.

The third liability coverage plan includes paying 50,000 euros for bodily damage for a single accident; for a bodily injury group accident, its 100,000 euros; for material damage, its 15,000 euros; maximum company liability covers 200,000 euros per claim, while exemption per claim can go as high as 300 euros. The total premium per pet under this insurance plan is 65 euros per year. 

Hoolie Dog Liability Insurance Benefits

  • Up to 200,000 euros in insurance coverage
  • Website and all relevant information available in English
  • Third-party insurance
  • Can cancel anytime
  • Global coverage
  • It covers almost all breeds of dog
  • Unique benefits to the unemployed, welfare organizations, pensioners and multi-pet insurance

Dog Health Insurance (PLUTO)

Two types of Pluto health insurance are Pluto and Pluto Premium.

Pluto gives 2000 euros of insurance coverage in case your dog has an accident or sickness. Pluto’s yearly subscription rates vary by the weight of your dog. It varies from 170 euros annually to 235 euros annually, depending on weight. 

Pluto premium gives your pet 3000 euros of health insurance coverage in case of an illness. 

Pluto / Pluto premium Health Insurance Benefits include:
  • Medicines on prescription
  • Cover expenses from illness
  • Free puppy coverage
  • Third-party liability and legal protection
  • Dental cover due to an accident or an injury
  • Health check visits
  • Eyes disorder
  • Any skin allergies
  • Farewell coverage to any abused animal or funding to a welfare organization
  • Emergency hospital visits
  • Vet visits
  • Joint surgeries
Pluto / Pluto premium Health Insurance Do not cater:
  • chronic illnesses
  • No global coverage
  • Hereditary diseases
  • Malformation

Safe Pet System

Safe Dog Insurance Programme

You can subscribe to this insurance plan for 115 euros per year. If you add a second pet, you can get a 10 % discount; for a third pet, this discount increases to 20%, and for fourth or more pets, this discount increases to 30 % on the total subscription amount. 

Safe Dog Plus Insurance Plan

195 euros per year insurance plan gives a 10 % discount on the addition of a second pet, a 20 % discount on a third pet and a 30 % discount on an overall subscription on the addition of fourth or more pets. 

Dog Health Insurance And Its Benefits

  • Safe dog and safe dog plus plans include unlimited vet visits, preventive check-ups of the pet annually, x-ray, MRIs and other unlimited laboratory examinations, hospital visits, medicines on prescription and surgeries.
  • Extra benefits of a safe pet system include discounts on pet food purchased from prescribed outlets and stores.
  • Two free visits to the saloon for bathing, shampoo, nail treatment, and ears and anal glands cleaning for your dog’s grooming and physical and mental health. Up to 30 % discount on other services of the saloon
  • Two free dog training sessions annually for the insured dog for good behaviour and socialization. The basic sessions are essential for the pet to convey his needs to its owner. For all other services provided, you will get 30 % off.  
  • 24 / 7 available support makes the owner comfortable and confident about his pet’s health issues and keeps him posted about any upcoming research.

Safe Pet System Health Insurance Drawbacks:

  • Do not cover constantly recurring illnesses
  • No worldwide coverage
  • Do not include third-party liability


You should choose the insurance plan that best suits your dog…according to age, breed, and, of course, your financial situation. 

Both insurance providers have unbeatable insurance plans and cover most of your pet’s needs. Now it’s your decision which one you want to choose.