If you have moved to Greece recently and want to find love in the new city, this guide is for you. You will get to know the do’s and don’ts, etiquette and the whole dating culture over here. This will be a personal guide where we will break down all the nitty-gritty of dating in Greece.


Where To Meet People In Greece?

Before you jump into dating, you need to socialize and meet people here. 

It is common here to meet people the old-fashioned way, through mutual friends. So dating within one’s social circle is normal here. Following traditional ways, Greeks find meaningful relationships through friends or mutual. 

It’s not like Tinder is not common here. It is, but many Greeks believe such apps are used just for hookups and casual flings. For long, meaningful relationships, people do not think of Tinder etc., at first. The idea of internet dating is still relatively new here. Most of the foreigners coming here will be on Tinder, but less of locals. They even think of Instagram as a dating app. 

Same-sex couples usually go for dating apps and are more likely to find their matches there. 

What Is Dating In Greece Like?

As is the case anywhere in the world, you will find a lot of different types of people here in Greece as well. As a woman, you can have a date with a gentleman who opens the doors for you and pulls out your chair for you. Others may not do so. Everyone is different, and one must keep an open mind when going out with anyone for the first time. Please get to know them before you jump to conclusions.

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Dating A Greek Might Not Be Romantic In The Beginning

Meeting a Greek alone might make you think it would be a romantic date, but they may not. The Greeks consider the first date as getting to know each other so they can figure out if you have a romantic connection. 

Dating A Greek Means Exclusivity 

Dating other people simultaneously while you are with a Greek is the worst thing you can do. They believe in spending valuable time and energy on their relationships, whether they are official yet or not. They will expect the same from you as well. 

Dating, even if it is exclusive, does not mean that you are in a relationship already, but going out with others at the same time would be considered cheating here. 

Punctuality Is Important 

You will have to get used to showing up on time whenever you have dates planned. Greeks are known for their punctuality, and being late is considered rude. You might not get another date with them if you do so. Make a good impression and be a little early. 

Greeks Have A Thing For Foreigners

If you are sitting at a bar and Greek men start approaching, you then consider yourself an exotic beauty for them. Foreign women enamour Greek men. They will be straightforward in approaching you to strike up a conversation. 

It might be hard to tell if they are just in it to have fun or to look for a serious relationship. Many people believe that they have to settle down with someone who shares their heritage and nationality. Many parents and elders do not accept foreign partners so easily. Xenophobia does not apply to all Greeks, as many are more open-minded now. 

It is essential to know this as you might get invested in a relationship and then be told that getting approval from the family is impossible. So better have this conversation in the beginning to avoid headaches. 

Flirting Might Be A Bit Difficult

Greeks are not too famous for their ability to flirt. They might be a bit awkward and not good at small talk when it comes to dating. They are fans of lengthy and meaningful conversations and will be more than willing to get into one. They want to get to know your values, opinions and thoughts before moving on to flirting. 

Gender Roles Are Rigid

Although gender equality is quite the norm everywhere, Greeks still expect a woman to cook and care for them and their children. Earning more than a man is also looked down upon. Greek women also love to be wooed and dress and talk accordingly. Of course, there are many exceptions here, but don’t be surprised if you come across any of these.  

They Are Honest And Direct 

Expect Greeks to be direct in conversation. They will speak their mind when they feel like doing so. They will share their feelings as protecting them is not their number one priority. You will not be lied to as they mean what they say. Trust them when they share their feelings with you. 

Meeting The Parea Means Things Are Getting Serious. 

The parea are your dates, BFFs. So if your date is serious about you, they will want you to meet them. Here in Greece, the area is considered family and is a mix of friends from childhood to college friends and colleagues. Getting their approval is very important. 

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Your Date Might Still Be Living With His/Her Parents

In Greek culture, it is common for children to live with their parents, no matter how old. This was the case even before the financial crisis hit and became even more common afterwards. Mothers are present every step of the way. You might take some time to get used to this. 

Who Pays The Bill On The First Date?

This is a surprisingly common question among all expats. As Greek culture still has gender roles defined for men and women, men usually pay for the dates. Unless they are more open to the woman doing so, you can only guess these things once you experience them. Some might also be willing to split the bill. 

Love Your Independence

Greeks love their independence and will continue to do so even when you guys start dating. You cannot expect them to abandon all other things to spend time with you. They will carry on with their routine and fit you in between. That is nothing to be worried about, though. It is quite the norm here. 

There Are No Rules

What steps to take on what date needs to be clearly defined. Many cultures have these things as a norm here. When to kiss, have sex, and say the three sacred words, all is up to you. Greeks do all of these when it feels right, as is the way it should be in a relationship. 

Vacation Together Yes Or No? 

Greeks love travelling and will want you to do so with them. They also expect you to be okay with them travelling alone or with friends. Please don’t be jealous about it for a party or a wedding. If they join you on your home visit, they’re earnest about you and the relationship. 

You Will Be Expected To Plan Your Life

Greeks love to plan things out. When dating Greek, you must keep a schedule and plan things. You might need to plan the date weeks or months. If your partner has accepted an invite to an event, they will not miss it for whatever reason. They won’t accept invites out of politeness. 

Role Of The Family

Suppose a Greek has introduced you to their family; that means they are looking for a serious commitment with you. You might have to get accustomed to learning the language as the older generation does not speak much English. Just as anywhere in the world, meeting the parents can be tricky. Some will love you instantly, while others stay wary of you. 

Moving Into A Relationship With A Greek

As there are no rules for when to do certain things in a relationship with a Greek partner, the same thing might also apply to your relationship status. You cannot predict when they would want things to become official. But there is no set rule for this anywhere in the world. Things might become official soon if you find a great connection with someone. 

After getting into a relationship, the next step would be moving in together. This is rare because many people live with their parents even at an older age. This might complicate things a bit. That’s alright; you have a lifetime of planning ahead of you, so keep that in mind. 

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Getting Married To A Greek

Getting married to anyone outside your culture asks for a bit of adjustment, to say the least. When marrying a Greek, expect a lot of exaggeration of emotions; whether they be sad or happy, there will be lots of it. You will need to accept that their families will always remain integral to their lives, even as adults. Greek men will not leave the side of their mothers. The woman is expected to look after the household and the man. He will not lift a finger to do anything. It’s the woman who will do it all for him. 

Most Greek proposals are with the family as their culture is very family oriented, and almost all of them get married for love. It is always the guy who proposes here unless you belong to the tiny 2% of women who do so. 

Stereotypes are just that. 

All of the points mentioned above about dating Greek can be stereotypes. Your other half might not be like what we mentioned above and just sweep you off your feet. And those experiences are the ones we live for. Be prepared for a whole lot of planning and surprises that come your way. 

Final Thoughts

As with anything, the best things come at the least expected times. So let romance be one of those things in your life; enjoy your time here in Greece. Absorb and explore the culture and get to know the people you meet here. Time will tell where things might end up for you.