Getting a car might be a good idea if you have moved to Greece or plan on staying here for a month or more. This makes traveling between cities pretty easy and hassle-free. We have summarized all the requirements to buy/rent a car here and things to keep in mind! 

Can A Foreigner Buy A Car In Greece? 

If you’re an EU citizen, you must get your tax file number from the tax office. You will need a residency permit if you’re not an EU citizen. Some dealerships might allow you to buy a car without it, but the majority as for one. So better be safe and get one. 

Types Of Cars To Buy In Greece 

New Car

If you want a new car here in Greece, drop by the closest dealership with the required documents. 

Used Car

Most people usually go for a used car, as it is lighter on the pocket and is usually in good condition if you look for one thoroughly. You can get these from a dealership or anyone selling theirs privately. 

How To Buy A Car In Greece

We have divided the process into simple steps for you to follow quickly. 

Find A Translator

If you do not know the Greek language, then you might want to hire someone who does. This will make the whole process a lot more smooth. The person might be able to negotiate the price on your behalf. 

Find The Car You Want 

Everything starts with researching what kind of car you want and what is available in Greece. On the islands, smaller cars will be more beneficial as the roads are narrower. Many people use mopeds here, but they might give you trouble if the weather is terrible or you have to carry luggage. You can look at that car’s mileage, how many previous owners it has, fuel type, engine power, air conditioning, and gas emissions. 

Make Sure That You Have All The Documents You Need

If you’re an EU citizen, you need your tax file number from the local tax office nearby. If you’re not one, you need a residency permit, tax file number, ID, and rental agreement for the dealership. 

Buy The Car 

You might want to keep cash at hand as many dealerships do not take credit cards. Some places might even offer payment plans if you cannot pay the amount up hand. You can discuss these with the dealership and get reasonable interest rates. You might not be able to take the car with you as you have to pay VAT and road tax. Then you will need to get insurance for the car. 

Buy License Plates

After getting the car inspected, you will need to register for the new license plates for your car if it is brand new. This can be done online as well as in person. Choose the combination of words and numbers of your choice and get it if it Is available. You can also choose to get your plates from the manufacturers nearby the registration office.

Can You Buy A Car Online In Greece?

If the above steps seem like a hassle, you don’t need to worry; you can buy a car online in Greece! During the covid-19 pandemic, the lead supplier of cars in Greece, Kosmocar, along with One dealer, launched an eCommerce website to buy a car from the comfort of your home. 

This fully digital platform shows real-time stock levels, prices, and specs which you can go through and buy the car you want. You can even pick up the car from the closest dealership or deliver it to your home. 

If you want to buy a used car, there are also online platforms. Here you can add in your required specs and budget, which will then narrow down your available options to pick from. You Can go in and look at the car from whoever is selling it. You can also take it for an inspection at a workshop or dealership nearby and then decide if you want to make the purchase or not. 

The top websites include Automation, Lalafo, and Autopark, among others. 

What Is The Cost Of Getting A Car In Greece?

Prices of cars here have a vast range. Even if you have bought the car, you will need to take care of many other things like taxes, registration, and insurance.

Car Prices In Greece

 Usually, you can get a car like a Toyota corolla for 18,000 euros. This is the price for a new car. If you want a used car, you can get it for as low as 800 euros! The market is at an all-time low. Of course, this depends on the car’s make and other specs. You will need to worry about gas, which is around $1.9 per liter. 

Car Taxes In Greece

The road tax for privately owned vehicles depends on the cylinder capacity of their engines along with the carbon emissions. It ranges from 22 to 1230 euros per annum. So you might want to put a lot of thought into what car you plan on getting. 

Cost Of Car Insurance In Greece

There are a variety of car insurance policies in Greece. They start from Third-party Liability, which is required by law. This covers any bodily injuries, car damage, and material damage to the third party. One should look for reputable companies, not those offering lower rates at the start. There is a high chance of fraud with those. 

On average, you will have to pay 500 euros per month along with 7 euros per day for your vehicle. Your insurance depends on your age, driving experience, and where you will live in Greece. Here the cost is pretty low compared to other EU countries. 

Cost Of Car Registration In Greece

To register your car, you will pay for its license plates, carbon emission stick, and inspection costs. This usually adds up to under 100 euros. Prices may vary between different cities and what providers you go to. 


So here you go; we have compiled all the steps you will need to take to buy or rent a car, along with the cost estimates. This will help give you a general idea of what budget you should have to get a car. You will be able to make your choice more easily this way. Just follow the steps, and you will be driving your own car in no time!