In Greece, many residents and tourists prefer getting motorcycles or bicycles to travel around the islands. It is the most practical and fun way to explore the city that you’re in. You also have ferries that can take you and your vehicle to your destination around the country. Greece has a lot of cycling routes in the mountains. Coastline and even throughout the city. There are also certified ‘Bicycle Friendly’ spots affiliated with hotels where you can experience Greece’s nature, culture and architecture. There are more than 80 cycling clubs in the country. The weather is also very favourable here, with the sun out throughout the year, making it all more fun. 

Cycling here is prevalent, as you can tell; let us simplify the process for you.

Where To Buy A Bicycle In Greece?

You have several options for buying a bicycle here. Let us figure out where to get old and new bicycles here. 

Buying A Bike Online.

The convenience of shopping online attracts all of us. But be careful when doing so for a bike. If you did not know before, buying a bike online means receiving it in parts. Yeah, you read that right. You will have to assemble the bike yourself. You can also go to a nearby cycle shop and pay them a small amount to assemble it for you. 

Assembling it yourself may be a safety hazard unless you are a bike enthusiast. You also might notice that ordering things online has them come to you in poor quality. 

Buying A Bike From A Physical Bike Shop 

Dropping by a physical bike shop and consulting an expert on it is the right way to go about it, in our opinion. You can look at different styles, sizes and types of bikes available according to your budget and how you plan on using the bike. 

Sitting and testing it out might be a good option if you have been a while since you last rode a bike. You will get a discount on the first inspection, and you will also get a warranty when you get the bike. You will find a lot of bike shops around you wherever you are; just look it up! 

Where To Buy A Used Bicycle In Greece? 

Buying A Bike At A Flea Market 

If you’re here for a few months and want a bike to roam around the islands and explore, then you can go to a flea market and get a bike for 25 euros. These last for a few months before breaking down, so keep that in mind. You never know; the bike you got might be a stolen one…

Buying A Bike Via eBay

You can look up a private vendor online on platforms like eBay, where they sell off their bike that they don’t use anymore. If you have had a bike before or have some experience with it, it is easy to find what you want there. Ideally, you should get the chance to test it before you get it. The seller should also give you their purchase contract as proof that the bike is not stolen. 

Buying A Bike From A Bike Auction

Every European city arranges bike auctions selling unclaimed bikes from the lost and found section. Bikes go to the auction for very little money if they have not been claimed for over six months. Sometimes you can find a bike in excellent condition for very cheap. You will get an official document that states that you own this bike now. You will need to feel secure, confident, and in control of the bike, you want to get.

How To Avoid Buying A Stolen Bicycle 

Unfortunately, many of the used bikes on the market are stolen. To be aware of the bike theft market, you can look up the bike frame number on various databases with a list of stolen bikes and hope it does not pop up there. 

The frame number can be found between the pedals and the bottom of the frame. If the seller does not show you the frame number or if you find it scratched, then do not get it; it sounds fishy. 

Make Sure To Get A Roadworthy Bike In Greece. 

You should check how roadworthy your bike is, as this is very important. You can even get stopped by the police and be fined for it. 

A bike needs to have the following:

  • A red back and white front light that is approved by the road traffic act.
  • A red reflector at the back and a white one at the front.
  • Functioning brakes
  • A bell
  • Reflective stripes around the tire 
  • Two yellow reflectors on both pedals( might not be necessary everywhere) 

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Bike In Greece?

A decent quality bike in Greece, which you plan on riding several times during the week, will cost you around 400 plus euros. Getting one that costs a little less might make you compromise on the quality, which in turn will require repairs and new parts soon. 

Which Bike Is Best For Greece?

The type of bicycle you need depends on how you plan on using it; that is your purpose for getting it. 

E-bikes are now very common all around Europe, so that is the most common type of bike you will see here. These include mountain bikes, trekking bikes and city bikes. 

The general characteristic of the shared bikes are:

  • Trekking bike: it is the bike that has it all, roadworthy equipment, thin tires, fast for street and even offroad.
  • City bike: exceptionally comfortable with roadworthy equipment. It has regular tires, and the speed is average for street and gravel. 
  • Mountain bike: best for off-roading and climbing. Not too great on the road, but it has thick and small tires, which might be slow on the street. 
  • E-bike: for comfortable commuting, the equipment depends on what type you get. 

To find the best bike for yourself, ask these questions:

  • Where will you use the bike most: the city or nature?
  • What seating position do you want to have: upright or bent forward?
  • Do you want to use your muscles or have a supportive motor?
  • What is your budget? Certain types may be eliminated.

Do Bikes Get Stolen In Greece?

Unfortunately, yes. Bike theft is very common in Greece. People usually do not insure tier bikes, making them easy targets for thieves. If you file for the claim, you receive the said amount back, which makes it all okay. 

People do not get into the legalities of reporting stolen bikes many times, so people get away with doing so. If your bike costs you several hundred euros, you should consider getting insurance. It can be added to your home insurance or can be done individually. 

How To Register A Bike In Greece?

Registering your bike is not mandatory, but you can do so with the local police or the bike association. You get a unique code engraved on your bike or the sticker. It is nearly impossible to remove that sticker, and it scares off a lot of thieves. 

It would help if you also locked up your bike correctly against a fixed pole, adding another layer of security to prevent bike theft. 

If a coded bike gets stolen and found, the police can get in touch with you and get it back to you. 

Alternative: Renting Your Bike In Greece

If you are temporarily in Greece and plan on using a bike regularly, you will have several options for renting a bike as an alternative to a bicycle here. 

  • ListnRide – You can book a bike online with more than 80,000 bikes across Europe. They have all types of bikes, from mountain bikes to city bikes. They bring bike owners and renters together on one platform. 
  • Go4bike – With various bikes available to rent online via their website, you can explore the streets of Greece on wheels.
  • Panorama bikes – all types of bikes available in excellent condition. You can even get bikes for your children in their junior bikes section.
  • Cycle classic tours – according to your height, you will get a frame size recommended to you by their consultants. You can rent these for tours.
  • GR cycling – with the promise of their rental bikes getting you everywhere, they have a staff passionate about the sport and willing to help you choose the best one according to your needs. 

Understand the Greek cycling rules

Before getting your bike on the roads, you should know the rules for cycling in Greece. You should look up specific rules that dictate the use of bike paths, signalling when turning and if you need a cycling license or not here. 


As is the case anywhere in the world, when buying a bike in Greece, know what your purpose for getting the bike is. The type of bike you look for depends on your usage. The best thing to do in such a situation is to visit a bicycle shop with all sorts of bikes and their various brands on display. A proper consultant can recommend a few options to you. Then you can test drive and choose the one you like the most.