You may have heard of Crete, Rhodes, Paros and Santorini….but do you know that Greece has thousands of unique islands? Yes, you heard it right. There are more than 6000 islands in Greece, of which around 200 are inhabited. I am sure one cannot cover even the inhabited ones in a single vacation trip. This might quickly become why you keep coming back to Greece. I know I wanted to before I decided to move here for a temporary but longer duration. Most of these islands are big enough that you would not want to walk around to explore all of it and small enough that if you go around on a bicycle, you can cover the most beautiful spots (probably still not the whole island), let’s say in a week-long vacation. These islands have notable long routes for cyclists to enjoy during their memorable trips to Greece. 

A part of the daily commute to school, university, or work bicycle is among the top priorities for visitors too. Crete, Paros, and Mykonos islands have impressive routes. 

Which Is The Best Bicycle Insurance In Greece?

Whether you are a resident or a tourist in Greece, cycling has its charm for everyone. Bicycle insurance is not a legal requirement in Greece, but we recommend getting insurance for your cycle as soon as possible. Generali stands in the top 6 insurance companies in Greece. They provide quick and intelligent solutions to the insurance needs of the customers. Being pioneers in insurance, Generali knows how to protect their customers’ belongings, whether it’s property, vehicle or business. Generali’s CycleWay provides comprehensive insurance solutions for your bicycles.

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CycleWay Benefits

The cycleWay is the top insurance company that gives insurance to individual cyclists and cycling groups. The main benefits of CycleWay may cover the following:

  • Damage caused to the third party 
  • Theft from the primary residence or secondary residence of the insured cyclist
  • A personal accident during a cycling
  • Damage to the bicycle’s body 
  • Accidental damage to the contact lenses or glasses of the insured cyclist
  • Dental damage of the insured cyclist due to accident
  • It saves money and time if you go to designated repair shops
  • Immediate cycle replacement in case of complete damage
  • Transportation cost if in case the bicycle can not be repaired on site

CycleWay Drawback:

It does not cover bicycle racing insurance. So clearly, if you are taking part in any race, you have to bear any wear and tear cost by yourself. 

When Do I Need Greek Bike Insurance?

Suppose you have just purchased your new bicycle and are enthusiastic about taking it to long routes while exploring any island or lush green landscapes. In that case, we highly recommend getting it insured with CycleWay. From my experience, I am telling you that it saves your long-term cost. This cost might be in the form of an accident or theft. Once you get your bicycle insured with CycleWay, you are safe cycling. 

Why Do I Need Bicycle Insurance In Greece?

The average bicycle cost in Greece is around 1500 euros for electronic bikes. For manual bicycles, you can opt for either Cross, 27ER, 29ER, Full Suspension, All Terrain Bikes, city, urban or kids bicycles that will cost you from 300 euros to 900 euros, according to your preference. People prefer making family vacation trips on bicycles that indulge them in more fun and enjoyment.

If you want one good bicycle with a manual transmission, you can have any of these. Bicycle theft is a big challenge for those exploring Greece on bicycles. I would like to add that it’s good to invest in insurance as well as some -perfect bicycle locks that will increase your bike’s safety from theft. 

Does Bicycle Insurance Cover Damages You Cause While Biking?

One of the most significant advantages of CycleWay insurance is that it saves you from spending on a third party, that is, damage caused by you or your bicycle to someone else. The insurance company has the responsibility to cover any damage cost. It will not cover only if you are participating in a racing competition. 

Does Bicycle Insurance Cover Damages On My Bike?

Insurance protects you from any damage caused to the bicycle. This insurance also includes the personal accident of the cyclist, theft or damage to the third party. If you are a cyclist, this insurance will not support you and will not cover damage caused to the rider during the race or the cycle itself. Apart from third-party liability and personal accidental insurance, some companies cover global insurance too. So, you travel with complete peace of mind. 

Is Biking Popular In Greece?

The history of cycling in Greece began in the late 19th century when a Greek cyclist won a road bicycle race in the Olympics held in Athens. Greece has some excellent routes to enjoy cycling there, whether it’s mountains, islands or coastlines. Greece, with its Mediterranean weather, is a tourist paradise for cyclists. This is full of culture and colour and has some long routes, made in the mountains, where the whole family can go and do cycling. The ultimate cycling experience takes you to the next level when cycling in the plains or on islands. 

If you do not have a bicycle, there are still many more options available, like cycling tour companies or groups. There are roughly 100 companies in Greece that rent cycles, BMX and mountain bikes. These companies have insured cycles that you can borrow for a day or week, depending on your trip duration. 

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Cycling is a fun activity that gives you a complete sense of freedom. Whether you are going on your honeymoon trip and want to see culture along with endless sandy beaches or lush green landscapes, Greece has so much to offer you. Besides fun activities, cycling boosts your mental and physical health. It is the best cardiovascular exercise that enhances blood circulation. It builds stamina, strength, flexibility and muscles, reducing fat, joint pains and cholesterol. You just need to get your bicycle insured by CycleWay for any unforeseen situation.