A good internet connection is crucial nowadays, with everything operating through it. You have work, entertainment or travel all linked to the internet. If you want to stay in the loop, you should get an unlimited internet SIM card in Greece. 

Get one to stay in touch with family back home on Whatsapp, watch your favourite videos on Youtube or stay in touch with friends over social media.

Which SIM Card Is Best For The Internet In Greece?

To know the best SIM card to use for the internet in Greece, we will look at all the internet providers available here. These include Cosmote, Vodafone and Wind. Cosmote has been ranked the best network throughout Greece. Then we have Vodafone and Wind at the end.

A few months ago, the last analysis revealed that Cosmote is the best network in Greece. With its 5G technology up to date, it is giving its user 1.8 times faster internet speed. It has always been consistent in its services and a favourite time and again.

Which SIM Has An Unlimited Data Plan In Greece? 

All three providers that have been mentioned above offer unlimited data packages. We have broken down the details for each of these down below. They also offer call and text plans for your convenience. 

For postpaid mobile contacts, you will need to give your bank account information, and for prepaid versions, you can top up via different payment methods. If you already have a Greek mobile number, you can apply to any of these plans.  



Cosmote has a lot of sub-branches that offer different packages. You have Cosmote WhasUp, which is in Greek, Cosmote Frog, which is available in English and Cosmote Cosmokarta. Each of these suits best to different people. 

WhatsUp is for those who can speak Greek, and the rest is excellent. You will pay an average of around 12 euros monthly with unlimited data and calling. There is also the option to customize your package according to what you use more of. 



Vodafone is famous worldwide, and the same is the case in Greece. There are also three sub-networks that Vodafone offers. These are Vodafone CU, You and International. 

Vodafone CU is best for visitors who are here for a short period. Their website can be translated into English, and you can look through it to find the package that suits you best. Their unlimited data package is a big hit! 



Wind is a less popular mobile network here in Greece. It could offer better connections throughout Greece, especially in smaller towns and islands. It has two sub-networks called Wind F2G and Wind MyQ. 

Wind F2you won’t have a problem with the signals. Along with this, they have great packages for international calls. 

What Is The Best Prepaid SIM Card In Greece? 

Cosmote has the best data coverage and the least amount of dark spots throughout Greece. Although expensive, it is worth the money to go to smaller, more rural areas where other networks have little to no coverage. 

If you are on a budget, you should get Vodafone. It has low rates and great coverage throughout the cities. The wind is the cheapest network, but it will bother you travelling throughout Greece. A good network is a must if you are a tourist in Greece as you will need it to navigate the city. According to your budget, choose the network that suits you the best. 

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Can You Replace Your Home Internet With An Unlimited SIM Card?

When getting an unlimited data SIM card, you might be tempted to get your internet connection removed from your apartment. Ideally, you can set up a hotspot from your phone that will connect to your laptop or TV. However, this depends on the speed of your connection. 

However, some providers have specific terms and conditions. These include leaving your home several times a month if you consume too much data from one spot. This might be the case if you’re using a hotspot for work. The providers are allowed to cancel your subscription. To avoid these situations, using your SIM card with a router is not allowed. 

How Can You Get Free Internet In Greece? 

Greece has a lot of free wifi spots, but these only exist in major cities and spots in those cities. You have to sign in with your email, and you are allowed to use it. Other than the city centres, these spots exist at airports, cafes and stations. 

You can find these spots by looking at a wifi map of the city you are in. They are usually labelled and have signs put up so that you can spot them easily. 

You can download maps offline and find the next hotspot even if you don’t have access to the internet. It would be best if you used your VPN to surf the internet securely to use these wifi spots regularly. 


Recently we have seen that network providers in Greece have stepped up their game and are offering great value for money in terms of different data and other packages. Although Cosmote is the best still might be a little expensive for some of you; you can always go for an option that suits your budget the best. In the long term, this will be a beneficial investment for you.