Planning to visit Greece for its famous carnival season or going there for your work?? You need to get connected to your friends and family. The best option is to get a local sim instead of using your current one with international roaming. It will save you from paying huge roaming. Of course, you will need customer-friendly unlimited internet to have fun and keep friends updated in this tourist paradise. Whether you want to update your social media status on insta or any mainstream or you want a direction to the famous island, an internet connection will give you directions to move in the right direction.

Once you are done with the sim and internet card, you are all good to go. Here we will give you an insight into different internet packages and their service providers so you can decide which suits your needs well. 

Quick Overview Of The Best Unlimited Internet SIM Card In Greece

If you need more time to do research by yourself, we are going to give you a comparison between different internet connections and their service providers. There are mainly three Greek service providers Cosmote, Vodafone and Wind. You can choose any one of these; they all have almost similar packages, but Cosmote has better coverage throughout Greece. It is better if you buy a sim from their respective official centres; otherwise, you can get it from street vendors or even from the airport as well. You need your passport whenever you buy a local Greek sim. 

Cosmote has the most extensive coverage with the fastest internet speed; that is why it has a maximum customer base of around 36 million. This largest mobile network operator provides the best coverage in 2G/ 3G, 4G and LTE. Cosmote also won the Greece internet speed test award for the 2022 first quarter. The basic sim card in Greece costs 5 euros without credit. In summer, most packages have unlimited internet, whereas, in winter, one can buy an internet package for a specific time like a day, week or month.

Vodafone also has variable packages for its customers, with different data plans and talk times. Vodafone red plus offers unlimited local calls and 8 GB of internet, which costs 31.33 euros.

Vodafone red max gives 20 GB of data with unlimited talk time, and 6000 SMS on local networks costs 39.46 euros. Vodafone red start costs 26.20 euros with 4GB of data and unlimited talk time on the local network.

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Which Sim Card Is Best For Internet In Greece

In order to get a detailed idea of which sim card is best for the internet in Greece, we have to look for the service provider that offers the best coverage. As remote work has become normal life, the internet is needed by everyone around us. Even if you are away from your home-based internet connection, you still need it to update stories, check emails, find routes on google maps or even get some notes for your upcoming exams. The internet of things helps us remotely control our appliances and keep an eye on our house through CCTV.

As we discussed earlier, the best internet provider is Cosmote because of its coverage throughout Greece. Cosmote customers experience almost two times faster download speed as compared to other local Greek service providers. Being at the top in Greece, Cosmote won the download speed experience and 5G download speed award with the best coverage. 

Another option if you are visiting Greece is eSIM cards without actual sim cards and offer only data. If you want to make actual calls, you will not be able to do that. Orange sim cards have eSIMs; this prepaid sim card has Europe’s top 4G network. If you are visiting Greece for a week, you can have your orange holiday sim card, valid for two weeks with 20GB data and unlimited calls and messages throughout Europe, for just 49.90 euros. 

You can also ask your service provider about its network according to the area where you are currently living or planning to live. 

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Which SIM Has Unlimited Data Plan In Greece?

All three Greek service providers offer unlimited internet plans. Here we will look at the unlimited internet sim cards available in Greece. 


Cosmote has the largest customer base. Cosmote Greece has 89.8 % 4G/LTE availability throughout Greece leaving behind the rest of the two Greek companies, Vodafone with 88.3% and wind with 84.8%.

Cosmote Whatsup 

This prepaid card has the best cheapest deals available for calls as well as for internet. You can choose between unlimited internet for 6.50 euros per week, or you can go for 2 euros per day unlimited data plan. You can get 4 GB of data for just 8.50 euros for the monthly plan. The only problem with this is whatsup app is in Greek, so you may need someone who speaks Greek for its pop-up and sim activation.

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Cosmote Frog 

It has one of the cheapest internet packages. Its Unlimited Giga Week offers unlimited data for 6.50 euros. Unlimited Giga Weekend gives unlimited data for the weekend for just 2.50 euros. Unlimited Giga Day gives unlimited GB for just 2 euros. Cosmote frog has another Play Now Unlimited package for 15 euros a month with unlimited music and video streaming.


Vodafone is Greece’s second-largest service provider, following unlimited data packages. Vodafone CU has unlimited internet for summer only for just 9.90 euros. Vodafone Giga Unlimited Ultra package is available for 39 euros, with unlimited data, unlimited data for roaming in the EU, unlimited calls to the EU and SMS to national networks.


Wind F2G gives unlimited monthly data for 15 euros, but remember, it has coverage issues. 


This is not an official Greek service provider. O2 offers eSIM as well as physical sim cards too. You can also get an eSIM or sim card of O2 in Greece for just 25 euros that will work throughout Europe. This basic package includes 10GB of the internet with one-month validity. 

What Is The Best Prepaid SIM Card In Greece?

As we discussed earlier, the best-prepaid sim card in Greece, depending upon price and coverage, is Cosmote. It is as easy as buying it for just 5 euros, showing your passport.

Rest you go through the details of those packages, then decide whether you are interested in unlimited calls or internet packages.

Can You Replace Your Home Internet With An Unlimited SIM Card?

When you buy an unlimited data package for your mobile, this option comes to mind; why not cancel your home internet subscription and shift to mobile data through a hotspot? But let me clarify to you that these service providers have certain restrictions. 

You can not keep yourself bound to stay in the house because your phone works as a mobile hotspot. You need to go out for many reasons. If you still ignore all these things, then these service providers can not allow you full-time home usage of their unlimited plan. They have complete freedom to cancel your subscription anytime they feel you are not using it fairly. Another issue is that you can not use a sim card to make phone calls with LTE or Wi-Fi routers in your home. 

For home-based usage, we will give you a detailed analysis of the Internet provider which gives you the best internet packages.

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How Can You Get Free Internet In Greece?

In Greece, there are 38,025 free Wi-Fi hotspots. Only Athens has 21,389 free Wi-Fi hotspots, while Rhodes and Ampelokipoi each have around 2400 free Wi-Fi hotspots. 45 Other cities in Greece also have free Wi-Fi hotspots to facilitate residents and tourists. Travelling, especially in Greece, is an extraordinary experience; you definitely want to capture and share that experience with your friends. Whether you want to upload your video or you want something to post on social media, these free hotspots make it convenient for you to share. You can get these free Wi-Fi spots in shopping malls, cafes, train stations, airports and other busy city areas. 

You can download Wi-Fi Map App from App Store or Google Play Store. This mobile app helps find available hotspots that can connect faster. You can even download the Map App for your use.   


As people’s demands increase, internet service providers are providing more and more data packages at affordable rates. The cost is coming down with the advent of more sophisticated and modern technology. Previously if the package cost 150 euros, now, it costs 100 euros. Ultimately, we suggest you opt for any Cosmote package that is much cheaper compared to other networks with wider coverage.