Using credit cards has made contactless transactions easy, but many countries still rely on cash transactions. Greece, unfortunately, belongs to the second category. There are several islands throughout the country, many smaller ones which do not have access to credit card facilities. You might be able to use your cards in some major cities but always have cash on you when you’re visiting. If you want to keep checking what you spend and cannot get a true credit card for any reason, then this guide is just for you. Read on to know the details.

A Quick Look At The Best Prepaid Credit Cards In Greece

The list of prepaid credit cards that we will go through includes the following:

  • National bank of Greece Visa Card
  • Alpha bank
  • Piraeus 
  • Attica bank

What Is A Prepaid Credit Card?

The way to operate a prepaid credit card is by transferring an amount from your bank account to the card and then using it for spending. This helps you check how much you are spending, and you won’t be able to spend more than what is on the card. 

A prepaid credit card is easier to get than a true credit card for expats. There are no formalities in checking your credit score for this, so the process is hassle-free. No salary statement is required either.

Six Reasons Why You Should Consider A Prepaid Credit Card In Greece

The reasons for getting a prepaid credit card are not too different from having a true credit card.

International Payments

International payments are made easily with credit cards. The standard cards that local banks provide do not always work for international payments and can sometimes charge a high fee. 

Money Withdrawal Abroad

As is the case when travelling to any country, you should carry some cash with you. Otherwise, you can withdraw cash from a credit card at an ATM.

Online Payments

When you shop online, a debit or credit card is always required. Having one works out well at such times.

Consumer Protection

Credit card payments can recall a payment that took place eight weeks ago! This is something that is only offered to credit card holders. Debit card holders cannot avail of this facility. 

Theft Protection

It is rather unfortunate if your credit card gets stolen, but the good part of having a prepaid credit card in such a situation is that one can only take away as much money as there is in the card. One can take away a lot with credit cards as there is a bigger limit. This can cause you significant financial damage. 

People keep two credit cards. The true one is kept safe, while the prepaid card is used daily. 

Deposits And Large Payments

You can even use your prepaid credit card at most places that require you to show a credit card balance. You can transfer the minimum amount required as your credit to your prepaid card and then use it for giving in a deposit. Some companies may not accept these, so check beforehand. 

What Are The Best-Prepaid Credit Cards In Greece?

The top picks for the best-prepaid credit cards in Greece are:

National Bank Of Greece Visa Card

If you are a pre-existing member of the bank, then you will need to log in to the app. Go to the cards section and select the prepaid credit card option. You will need a set of documents for the process, but you can do it all online. You will need to add details of the account you will charge your card from and accept the terms. Set an OTP, and you’re good to go! 

The benefits of getting this include the following:

  • Save time with contactless transactions
  • Load and unload your card anytime
  • Shop online with increased security Verified by VISA  
  • Make additional transactions, such as standing orders 
  • Monitor your transactions with push notifications
  • Manage your card online via the Internet and Mobile Banking  
  • Get the card and personal effects insurance  
  • Build your tax threshold
  • Get go4more rewards with every purchase, payment or charge

Alpha Bank Prepaid Mastercard

Taking control of your finances has never been easier. With Alpha bank prepaid MasterCard, you can carry out contactless transactions seamlessly or even pay while shopping on the internet. Reload your card whenever you want with the amount of your liking. 

This card can be useful because:

  • Secure transactions
  • Reload whenever
  • Easy and comprehensive update on your purchases

Piraeus Prepaid Mastercard

Piraeus bank offers an immediate card service where you can drop by any branch and get yourself a prepaid reloadable MasterCard on the spot. You can use it immediately! Accepted worldwide, this plastic card has a daily limit of 2500 euros and a transaction limit of 10 000. You get charged 5 euros for issuing the card and 1% of the amount you reload every time.

Perks of getting this are:

  • Immediate issue
  • Versatility and worldwide acceptance
  • Secure 

Attica Bank Prepaid Mastercard

Use the card for remote transactions via the internet or in person at shop outlets. Set your limit according to how much you want to spend, anywhere from 30 to 3000 euros! 

The benefits of using this include the following:

  • Contactless transactions
  • No reloading fee if you use the app
  • Smooth, secure process

Final Thoughts 

The one downside of getting a prepaid visa card is that there won’t be any card that does not charge you a fee for any transaction. This is a must here. You will also be charged when you reload your credit to the card. Each card has its pros and cons in this situation, as they charge different amounts depending on your balance. You will need to go through the details for all the available options and choose one according to how long you plan on staying, your balance and usage etc.