To live in Greece, you must have access to a mobile phone with a good network provider. This is essential for day-to-day tasks. A sim is a must-have if you’re working or moving around the city. You might need it to make calls or use data to find directions to your destination. 

We have compiled a few best options for you to pick from. The network that suits you the best is the one you should eventually opt for.

Greece has three leading network providers:

  • Vodafone
  • Cosmote
  • Wind

A few months ago, the last analysis revealed that Cosmote is the overall est network throughout Greece. With its 5G technology up to date, it is giving its user 1.8 times faster internet speed. It has always been consistent in its services and a favourite time and again.

Which Greek Mobile Carrier Should You Use? 

You can choose your mobile network depending on what part of Greece you live in. Many times, not all networks operate in all areas of the country. Most of them work well in major cities. Even though the country is developed and has a lot of infrastructure, its internet connection is amongst the worst in Europe. In small islands, this happens more, and it’s common not to get reception there.    

Just enter your address to their respective sites to know what mobile carrier works best in your area.

  • Vodafone
  • Cosmote
  • Wind

Cell Phone Contract Or Prepaid SIM

From the options that you have, after choosing one, you will also have to choose whether you want a cell phone contract or a prepaid Sim. a contract usually is for 12 months minimum. If you have a prepaid sim, you will have to recharge once in a while. 

The good thing about contracts is that you get cheaper packages and access to 5G, and you can also have cable, telephone and a phone contract all in one. The plans are also bigger and provide better value for money. If you’re moving here permanently, a contract is a good option.

Five Features To Choose The Best Mobile Phone Contract For Your Needs

Talk Time And Text Messages 

Most mobile network providers give unlimited minutes and text messages which are included in your contract. If that does not suit you, you can opt for a smaller package according to your usage. 

Internet Data And Speed 

Greece has 5G coverage now, which is available in most major cities. In other smaller towns, you might get $g LTE coverage which also works well. You will need constant access to the internet for work and moving around, so choose wisely. 

Duration Of Contract 

Usually, mobile contracts last for about 12 to 24 months minimum. So if you want to cancel or change up, you can do that afterwards.


Some countries still use old technical terms for the networks available. You might need to check about these in Greece. 

Phone Number 

You have the option of choosing your mobile number in some cases. If you already had a Greek number, then shifting it to another network might help you get some free minutes or data. 

Three Best Greek Mobile Phone Contractors

The market for mobile network providers is generally very aggressive and competitive in Greece. They drag you in with countless offers and schemes, which sometimes end up with you overpaying. Using Cosmote, Vodafone or Wind will generally get the best value for money when comparing prices of all three; note how the rates change for each network after 6 to 12 months. It is common to see that they pull you in with free offers, and then six months later, you will get a big bill at your doorstep. 

If you want to stay away from such a situation, then we would recommend that you get a prepaid SIM card where you are in control of how much you spend. Once your balance finishes up, you can’t use more which can be a good thing if you look at it. For some contracts, you can cancel any month rather than staying bound to them for a year. You should look for these if you plan on getting a contract. 

We have compiled this guide for you based on research and experience. 


Cosmote has a lot of sub-branches that offer different packages. You have Cosmote WhasUp, which is in Greek, Cosmote Frog, which is available in English and Cosmote Cosmokarta. Each of these suits best to different people. 

WhatsUp is for those who can speak Greek, and the rest of it is pretty great. You will pay an average of around 12 euros monthly with unlimited data and calling. There is also the option to customize your package according to what you use more of. 

Cosmote Frog works best for tourists as it offers smaller value bundles. It is a better value for money compared to WhatsUp. Their app is also in English, which makes navigation easier. Here you get to pay per second, which is excellent as most calls do not exceed a minute. Their sim might be challenging to come across if you visit their outlet. 

The Cosmokarta is best suited for those who spend a lot of time making calls. Otherwise, it has no benefits that the others don’t offer you already. 


Vodafone is famous worldwide, and the same is the case in Greece. There are also three sub-networks that Vodafone offers. These are Vodafone CU, You and International. 

Vodafone CU is best for visitors who are here for a short period. Their website can be translated into English, and you can look through it to find the package that suits you best. Their unlimited data package is a big hit! 

Vodafone probably is best for travellers. It offers excellent deals for talking time and messages, but the unlimited data option is unavailable here. It is also Greek, so you might need to ask a local for help.

The International one offers excellent packages for international calls. This is great f you have someone you want to talk to frequently, not in Greece. 


Wind is somewhat of a less popular mobile network here in Greece. It does not offer good connections throughout Greece, especially in smaller towns and islands. It has two sub-networks called Wind F2G and Wind MyQ. 

Wind F2G is another network that offers unlimited data for the whole summer. If you’re in a major city, you won’t have a problem with the signals. Along with this, they have great packages for international calls. 

Wind MyQ has some fantastic value bundles with minutes, messages and data. They charge you per second for calls which also acts in your favour. 

Are There Any Unlimited Data Plans For Greece

Yes, Vodafone and Wind offer unlimited data plans, which go on for the whole summer. The contracts they offer apply in Greece and sometimes in the EU on roaming. 

  • Vodafone – at different rates for a day or a month. 
  •  Wind – at 15 euros a month.  

Where Is 5G In Greece?

5G was launched in Greece in 2020 by Cosmote, which helped expand its coverage after testing it out in a few major cities. It now covers more than 70% of Greece. This will keep on expanding slowly.


The best mobile network in terms of connectivity and signals is Cosmote, even though its prices are a bit higher than the others. Vodafone also is a great competitor for it. You will need to compare the plans each provider offers and choose the one that best fits your requirements. See if you want a contract or a prepaid SIM, as this is also an important deciding factor.