Insurance is very important to keep safe in times of need. You might find it essential to get them all, from life to home insurance, if you can afford them. If any of your household items get damaged or destroyed by fire or any other accident, you might need more money on you to replace all of these instantly. In such a situation, insurance comes in handy. Also known as home or household insurance, this will keep the contents o your house safe for a small yearly fee. 

What Is Home Content Insurance?

Home content insurance protects your household items from hail, fire, explosion, smoke, burglary, vandalism, robbery, storms, and bursting pipes, whether water or gas. 

These belongings include everything you would take with you if you ever moved to a new place. 

Why Do You Need Home Contents Insurance In Greece?

If you are a tenant and anything in the apartment gets damaged or destroyed, it is usually on you to replace it. This is mentioned in the contract. The landlord does not have the responsibility to replace your stuff. 

However safe Greece may be, it is never certain that there won’t be any break-ins or thefts here. Paying a small monthly fee for peace of mind is worth it. 

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What Do The Best Home Content Insurance Companies Cover?

Home content insurance covers all items you have at home, including electronics, furniture, jewelry, clothing, carpets, cash, and other valuables in limited amounts. 

Does Home Contents Insurance Cover Items Outside Of Your Home?

Not all companies cover things outside of your home. Some Greek insurance companies offer packages that cover things stolen or damaged during a trip or a stay at a hotel. 

Does Home Content Insurance Cover Bicycles If They Are Stolen Or Damaged?

Depending on what home insurance package you have opted for, your insurance may or may not cover damages to your bicycle. It is usually the case that if your bicycle is damaged or stolen from your apartment or garage, then it is covered by the insurance. 

While getting your package, you must mention that you own a bicycle and would want to be a part of the insurance package. There is also the option of getting it covered even if it is stolen outside your home. 

What Add-Ons Can You Purchase For Your Household Insurance In Greece?

  1. Breakage of glass includes glass furniture items, windows, oven tops, and even aquariums.
  2. Gross negligence – only a few insurance companies cover negligence on your end. To make sure that any unfortunate incidents do not happen, you should add it to your package. This helps you get 100% of your maximum insured if something happens because of you. 
  3. Bikes – as we mentioned before, some insurances do not cover bikes stolen or damaged outside the house premises or inside, so make sure you cover that as well.
  4. Valuables – many insurance companies pay you 20% of the cost of valuable items like cash, certificates, and art. If you have many of these at home, you should get 100% of the cost covered. 

Additional Items That Your Home Content Insurance Might Cover

Other than the things mentioned above, your home content insurance might also cover the following:

  • Financial loss due to phishing emails
  • Data recovery
  • Damages to any legally downloaded files on your computer

What Does Home Content Insurance In Greece NOT Cover?

  1. Furniture in your home that does not belong to you – covered by liability insurance 
  2. Car, aircraft, or boat – covered by vehicle insurance
  3. Damages caused by pets – covered by pet insurance

How Much Should You Insure Content For?

Your insurance should cover the cost of what it would take for you to replace all the stolen/ damaged items. An insurance company cannot predict the value of the items you own, so you must put in some effort and do that. You know better about the cost of replacement.

A simple but trusted process that works would be to:

  • Go around the house room by room and take pictures of things that are of importance to you.
  • Make a good list of how much each thing has cost you. You can do this by looking at old receipts you kept when you bought those things. It would help if you also took pictures of the receipts in case you misplaced them somewhere. For electronics and such stuff, you should also write the make and models and where you purchased them from.
  • Items like clothes etc., would need a rough estimation of what they would cost. 
  • The sum of all of these is what your insurance should cover. 

What Is The Difference Between Home Contents And Liability Insurance In Greece?

Liability insurance covers the cost of damages you might have caused by accident to your flat or your neighbors. For example, if your water pipes leaked and affected your neighbor’s ceiling. This was accidental, as you did not know about the leakage. In this case, the liability insurance will have to cover the cost of the damages.  

Home content insurance covers replacing things in case they get stolen or damaged. Depending on your insurance plan, your negligence might also be covered by it. For example, if you left the window open and some things were stolen, your insurance might cover that. 

Best home contents insurance in Greece

What Are The Best Home Content Insurances In Greece?

The top picks for home content insurance are:

Piraeus Bank

Found in 1916, Piraeus bank is one of the biggest banks in Greece. It provides all sorts of financial services to the residents of the country. Whether you are an individual or a small or big business, they will make all financial dealings smooth for you. 

Their lifestyle insurance has a section called ‘My favorite things’, which allows you to secure five of your favorite items that you own. You mention their date and acquisition value, and they are declared there. They offer three packages, starting at 80 euros and going up to 140 euros per year. 

This offers coverage for the entire Greek territory. The process is quick, and the indemnification process is easy. The products must be brand new and bought previous to getting insurance. 

Insurance line

Offering great house insurance services in Greek and English, the Insurance line offers a helpline 24 hours and has a hassle-free claiming process. They offer the best home insurance, whether it is for your house or a holiday home.

This covers the structure of the building, any outdoor structures like garages and swimming pools, your personal belongings, personal items, and electronic items. 

The insurance line has access to an exceptional portfolio of covers for home protection. It would help if you got insurance against accidents or natural calamities that might harm your house. This insurance includes civil liability, fire from any cause, smoke, malicious acts, natural calamities, water damages, and theft. Other insurance items include food spoilage, mirror oxidization, storage costs, loss of rent, solar panels damage, and many more, which you can read on their website. 

Usually, the cost of getting your home insured is 2-10% of the total value of the items you are getting insured. 


If you are looking for home content insurance with a comprehensive plan, then Howden Hellas should be the one you go for. The contents that the insurance covers depend on your home and the package that you choose. 

Their policy features include:

  • Old for new where if you have a market value policy, depreciation may not give you much in claim
  • Warranty free – the policies are explained in detail without any fine print that may result in your loss. 
  • High single-item limit – the single article limit is something that individuals can trip down on when it comes to claims.
  • Worldwide cover – where ever you are in the world, your possessions are safe.
  • Optional home emergency cover – you can choose to get this, and it will help you cover plumbing, electricians, etc.
  • Art, antiques, and collectibles – to keep your collection safe


Along with house building and contents cover, their policy can include public liability protection, alternative accommodation cover, and subsidence cover. 

The home content insurance keeps your home safe from natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, water or oil leaks, or even sewage leaks from domestically installed machinery like washing machines. There’s also cover for accidental damage to household goods like sanitation and glass and theft of any kind. 

Public liability coverage can protect you against personal injury or any damage to your property. Accommodation cover offers alternative accommodation if you cannot live in your home after getting an insurance claim. 

With more than 15 years of experience, Intasure has been offering its services in English for everyone to understand and get access to. You can tailor your policy according to what things you need to cover. 


Generali, one of the largest global insurance companies, was established in 1831. They have more than 67 million customers worldwide that they cater to. They aim to develop a sustainable future by protecting your loved ones and dreams. 

Keeping your home safe is a priority, and they help you do so. You can protect the structure and its contents as a valuable asset. The insurance is against damages of any sort, whether by accident or natural calamities. Optional covers and different liability limits are also available for you to choose from. 

What Do You Need To Consider When Choosing Home Contents Insurance In Greece? 

  1. Coverage Of Items Outside Your Home: this includes places like your gym locker, spa, hospital, or travel anywhere in the world. 
  2. Partner And Family Members: if you live with a partner or any family members, make sure they are also a part of your policy.
  3. Coverage Of Items That Cost More Than 5000 Euros: if you own anything worth more than 5000 euros, then you should ensure that the insurance covers the entire cost of that item. 
  4. The Requirements: your insurance provider might have some terms set out, like you informing them when you are traveling. This keeps them alert, and they are vigilant in their duties. 


We have given you details regarding each insurance company that offers home content insurance here in Greece. If you are looking for one option, then the best way is to get in touch with them as they will be able to guide you best according to what things you have in your house that need to be insured. Choosing the best policy also depends on what the insurance covers and its rules and regulations. Usually, you can give them a quote for the sum of valuables you have at home, and they will respond to you with a suitable policy that can be tailored according to your needs.