Whether you live in Greece or are just traveling through, you will find that dental care is accessible here. It might even seem cheap for those from the UK or the USA. This guide has details for all the types of dental insurance that you can opt for. 

Quick Overview 

  • Now Health Insurance – Their Worldcare Excel and Worldcare Apex packages offer routine and complex healthcare treatment. 
  • Bupa Global – Their Premier and Global Elite Health Plans also cover dental repairs. 
  • ESY  – Greek national health insurance covers most of the dental treatments free of charge with the hospitals that are associated with them. 
  • EHIC – For all Europeans with their health card on them. 

Does Greek Health Insurance Cover Dental Care? 

As a part of the health system of Greece, many insurance companies offer dental care facilities. These include yearly check-ups, fillings, and scaling, among other services.    

The details of what treatments are covered by your insurance depend on whether you have public or private health insurance. Private health insurance depends on your package and can be comprehensive and detailed in dental care. If you have private health insurance like Bupa, for example, then you will not need to look any further. 

On the other hand, public health insurance does not offer dental services in Greece. Only those with a European health insurance card can access dental care from the affiliated hospitals and clinics. 

Why Do You Need Dental Insurance In Greece? 

Dental care is critical to maintaining good care of your teeth. A lot of diseases can be prevented by getting your teeth checked regularly. Unfortunately, you cannot dismiss the factor that genetics play in this. If your parents or grandparents faced issues with their dental care, you might need to get treatments in the future, if not now. If your family members have had complex procedures done for their dental care, then it makes sense to get dental insurance covered. 

On average, the cost of different dental treatments is as follows: 

Professional cleaning – 50,00€

Root canal treatment – 650,00€

Implant – 1.300,00€ 

Ceramic inlay – 400,00€

Depending on your insurance policy, it might cover 30 to 60 percent of your dental treatment costs. You can also get separate dental insurance if you face such issues. This will cover the rest of the cost. 

What Does Dental Insurance In Greece Cover? 

The public health insurance covers:

  • Preventative dental care
  • Dental treatment 
  • Orthodontic treatment for those under the age of 13
  • Change of dentures every five years

Private insurance, however, covers a certain percentage of whatever treatment you have to get. This depends on your insurance premium. 

What Is The Best Dental Insurance In Greece?

Axa Global Healthcare


Axa global has been in the insurance business for over 55 years. It is a group of 3 companies that work together. They offer international insurance and plans you can customize according to your needs. They can be longer or shorter, and you can opt for a particular field where you need insurance. Being a global company, you will never face any problems when trying to get your treatments done anywhere. 

Abbeygate Insurance


Abbeygate insurance has been in the business for over 20 years and is available in the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, and France, among other countries. They offer home, health, marine, and travel insurance. Their policies are very flexible and accommodating, and they will guide you according to your requirements for what policy you should go for. 


If you tend to have bad teeth or any problem with your teeth, that seems to come up time and again, then you might want to add on private dental care in addition to your public one. This helps to keep the costs in check even though dental care is relatively cheap here in Greece, but it is better to cover it with insurance. The amount covered depends on your age, insurance, and many other factors. You might want to make dental care a priority now.