Unlocking financial freedom in Greece has never been easier with our definitive guide to the best banks for freelancers.

Dive into our expertly crafted breakdown that strips away the jargon and gets straight to the point – which banks truly offer the best deals and services for your hard-earned money.

So, whether you’re a digital nomad or a freelance writer in the Greek islands, this is your essential tool to navigate Greece’s banking landscape.

Reasons Why You Should Open Up A Business Bank Account In Greece

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Maintaining and managing finances is a tough task, especially for someone who manages all aspects of a business.

With so many options available for financial services, choosing one might look like a daunting task.

Avoiding this decision might be a wrong decision in a few months. Having a separate bank account for your work keeps things in check

Separation Of Professional And Personal Finances

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Staying organized is important for a freelancer, as you have to keep an eye on what you are spending, investing, and earning. This is for your good.

You can give your business account details to your clients, and things will be professional. This leaves a good impression on your clients, which plays a vital role in today’s freelancing industry.

You can transfer a fixed amount to your account for spending, like a salary, to manage expenses better. 

Taxes And Accounting 

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Keeping track of all your business expenses will help you manage things better. You will save a lot of time, and the hassle of separating finances for taxes will be foregone.

At the end of each financial year, you must declare your taxes and provide your financial documents to the tax office in Greece.

Imagine if your expenses were mixed with your ones, it wouldn’t be any good. Some better banks offer you services like calculating your taxes automatically, which is a relief at the end of the day.

You can even send final invoices to the finance office automatically through the bank.

It would help if you also kept in mind that not filing your taxes properly has a hefty penalty. 

Terms And Conditions Of Banks

Almost all private checking accounts are for personal use, as suggested by their name.

You can get in trouble for violating your bank’s terms and conditions if you conduct business transactions through a personal account.

So for all these reasons, getting a separate one for work is best. 

What Are The Best Banks In Greece For Freelancers? 

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Our top picks for the best banks are:


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N26 opened up in Berlin and became a hit in Europe regarding mobile banking. It offers private checking accounts as well as business ones.

The main reason why people go for N26 is that it is excellent for international banking and offers free worldwide payments. 

This offers you four different bank account types to choose from. They start from 16.90 euros a month.

The paid accounts even offer you travel insurance and more perks. Their services are available in a lot of different languages.

However, N26 does not offer any accounting or invoicing services as add-ons for freelancers. You will get a free virtual debit Mastercard, 3 ATM monthly withdrawals, and easy international payments.

The downsides that stand out are that they charge 1.7% currency fees on ATM cash withdrawals, and there is no accounting integration

Get Started With N26🔥

Alpha Bank

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Founded way back in 1879 by J.F. Costopoulos, the Alpha group is one of the leading financial groups in the financial sector in Greece.

It offers a wide range of high-quality financial products and services in the domestic and international markets and has one of Europe’s highest capital adequacy ratios

They have been the pioneers of a lot of services in Greece, which include installing the first ATMs, the first card that was a mix of cash and credit, the first limitless debit card, the first private banking services, and the first bonus points system in Greece which remains the largest to date. 

They offer to help you with your debts, whether these are for your card, house, or family budget. Similarly, they offer insurance policies for you, your car, your house, and the future.

You can take out loans from them in easy installments so that paying back is easy. International payments are made easy with them for all freelancers. 

Their website and mobile application are also user-friendly, and you can easily navigate them. You can get credit or debit cards according to your liking.

They have current and savings account options along with brokerage services. You can manage your investments and bonds with them. 

All their services are available in English, from signing up to transactions. They charge small amounts for credit/debit card applications, sending money outside Europe, and message alerts. 

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National Bank of Greece

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Established 181 years ago in 1841, the National Bank of Greece started its operations by circulating money throughout the country and setting up 15 branches.

They have been contributors in all significant events where relief and support were needed, from earthquake relief programs to rebuilding cities.

They have given monetary aid to the refugees that came into Greece. They are big on giving back to the community, and the community trusts them.

With 2.7 million active years, they offer services like current, student, savings, and salary accounts. As a student, you can get their value packages which will offer you their services at a better price.

They have a debit Mastercard along with a virtual option also available. You have gold, silver, and black for credit cards according to your credit limit

They also offer internet banking services which include their mobile app. You can complete all your transactions and set up your account by verifying your identity

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Eurobank, also known as European Investment Bank, was established in 1990. As it grew, it expanded to six more countries, including Turkey and the Balkans

Their services include banking for individuals and businesses, investment banking, property and capital management, lease, stock exchange, and real estate services. E-banking is excellent with them. 

They are actively working towards adapting a fully sustainable service process. This includes you signing digitally and receiving all your documents via email.

They have set up devices for you to operate yourself and get your problems sorted. Even their offices use sustainable and recycled material in their structure. 

Along with excellent and trustworthy banking services, they keep the environment clean.

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Piraeus Bank

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Piraeus Bank, a 100% subsidiary of Piraeus Financial Holdings, was founded in 1916 and is the leading bank in Greece regarding market shares in loans and branch networks.

Piraeus Bank provides a complete range of banking services and specializes in SMEs, retail banking, e-banking, and capital markets.

They offer banking services like banking solutions, real estate management, private investment banking, car leasing, private banking, factoring, and operations for small businesses.

They also consult larger businesses in their operations as they are connected worldwide with other banks, making the process much smoother

Like every other bank in Greece, Piraeus also follows the Environment, Society, and Governance(ESG) strategy, which aims to give back to the community and keep the environment clean. 

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It’s time to take your financial future into your own hands. With this detailed exploration of Greece’s top banks for freelancers, you’re now equipped to make an informed decision.

So, don’t just exist in the world of Greek freelancing – thrive in it. Choose the bank that fits your needs and start building your Greek empire today!

Happy Swipping!

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