With technology progressing every day, you can learn any language while sitting at home on your own. If you look online, you will find well over ten apps, but we have shortlisted the best ones available. Each app has a different way of learning; you can choose what way you want to learn and choose your app accordingly. 

Of course, the best way to learn is by living amongst the people that speak that language. You can use language translating apps to help you navigate your way throughout the city while you’re here. 

Why Is It A Good Idea To Learn Greek With More Than One App? 

Every person has a different way of learning. Some rely more on visuals, while others prefer text. Some would like to hear, while others prefer to read independently. If we think of learning other languages, we tend to understand and read them better than we can speak and write. This is a vital difference if you are to master a language. 

To know a language proficiently, you must understand, read, write and speak the language perfectly. Only a handful of apps help you do all these, while others just focus on one aspect of it. 

The apps selected below tackle all four aspects of learning a language. You can work on your weak points and focus more on your strengths. You might want to use two or more of these apps to learn Greek to its fullest. Just have fun while learning and find the learning style that suits you best. 

What Are The Best Apps For Learning Greek? 

We have made a list of apps you might need to understand, read, write and speak Greek. Here they are: 



Pimsleur is one of the best language-learning apps, and the reason is that it focuses on making you fluent in the language. The course is all audio based, so you will know the pronunciation of each word and can practice it while listening to the lessons. Pimsleur’s world-renowned method of 30-minute audio lessons focuses on a set of words and then on these. This helps you absorb a set of work before you move on to the next. 

Unfortunately, the app offers audio lessons, and there are no visual and written exercises here that you can practice. This can be used to get the hang of how to speak Greek if you are living here. Even if your work does not require you to be fluent in Greek, this will be useful in day-to-day activities. It is super convenient and easy to use. 

A subscription will cost you around $14.99 for the Greek course; if you want an all-course subscription, you will be charged $20.99. It is recommended to try out the free seven-day trial first before you commit to it. 



Drop’s free version offers you a limited number of exercises for a day, which means you will practice your Greek skills daily. This is crucial if you are to master another language. The app has 4 ‘missions’ that you can choose from; traveler, romantic, enthusiast, and business student. Your activities are based on what mission you choose. 

Drops are the app to go for if you want to expand your vocabulary in a short period. It has games and animations to keep you engaged and make you want to learn more. There are different categories that words are put into, like appliances, food, nature, and many more. 

The app is free, but you can just use it for 5 minutes per day. However, the subscription will cost you around $13 per month. If you get one for a more extended period, then the cost will fall.



The Mondly app focuses on developing core vocabulary and offers a recap at the end of each lesson. You can practice your language-related skills on this app if you’re a beginner. It has a good balance of vocabulary and grammar, along with helping you read, write, and speak Greek. 

You can keep track of your learning process, which will motivate you to work harder if you are lacking behind. It has fun quizzes and games that revolve around broad topics—this help retains the vocabulary. 

After trying out the first few lessons that are for free, you can get a subscription at $9.99 a month or less if you get a package for a more extended period. 



To learn a language, the best way is to get in touch with people who are native to the language and speak it regularly. This is where Italki comes in! The app connects you to tutors who speak Greek and will give you lessons one-on-one or as a group. They have over 100 tutors on the pp right now. 

This way, you will get to be in touch with the Greek-speaking community and experience the language to its fullest. You will get private lessons and group interactions to absorb the language fully. You can filter out the tutors available and see their introduction videos which will help you see if they suit your needs. They also have previous student reviews displayed. 

Tutors have set their prices on the app, so the subscription varies from $9-14. You can pay anywhere between $3 to 5 to get a trial lesson for 30 minutes to see if the tutor can make you understand Greek. 



If you like to take charge of their learning progress, this app is the one for you. You can pick and choose lessons from the long list available on the app. The creators upload new videos daily, so new content is available constantly for you to choose from. Their lessons are available as text, audio, and video, whatever medium you prefer. 

If you sign up for free, you will get access to one weekly lesson. If you want access to all lessons, then the subscription starts from $4 onwards, according to your chosen features. 

Rosetta Stone


Rosetta Stone is an award-winner who has been developing language-learning courses for more than 25 years. They cater to many languages, so their program is well-designed and recognized globally. As soon as you sign in on the app, you will be immersed in a world full of Greek. This helps you absorb the language to its fullest. 

If you don’t necessarily like private lessons, then this is a good choice for you. It is said that the method makes you even think in Greek, which is crucial as other methods make you translate what you want to say in your head. A lot of research has proved that their teaching method is the most successful. 

The subscription starts at $36 for three months. It will go down if you subscribe for a more extended time. 



You won’t be surprised to know that Duolingo is the world’s most downloaded language-learning app. With its fun game-like interface, you will want to drop by every day to absorb some more Greek through fun exercises. 

You can start your Greek learning journey with the app, as it will make you aware of the commonly used words in Greek. You might not be able to speak Greek fluently after using the app, though. You can practice speaking, listening, reading, and writing the Greek language with it. You won’t rush through many lessons but will get a bit of learning every day. 

The app is free, but the number of advertisements keeps increasing. This will get annoying if this frequently happens between lectures. The premium version, Super Duolingo, starts at $12.99. 



LingQ has a vast database that is thousands of hours long. It is full of lessons, audiobooks, interviews, and more that you can listen to and read through their transcripts simultaneously. This means that your pronunciation and reading skills are polished at the same time. 

The app has a lot of authentic Greek content all in one place. If there is something that you want to take a look at, you can import it into the app, and LingQ will create lessons out of it automatically. 

A lot of content on the app is free, but to get access to all of the features, you might have to get a subscription. This will cost you anywhere between $7.99 to $39.99 a month. 



Tandem is a social networking app that connects you to people who speak greek. This is a great way to get to know the language. It will help you figure out pronunciations and practice with a person. The app has tools to help you learn during the conversation and corrects your mistakes if you make any. The in-app translations make it easier to know what you’re talking about. 

The basic version of the app is free. If you want access to all of its features, you will have to pay $6.99 monthly for it. 

Ling App

If you have little time to spare each day but still want to get the hang of Greek, then Ling is the app for you! It is a fun, game-like app with lots of puzzles, mini-games, quizzes, and more for you to learn from. This makes it something that one would want to go back to and have fun learning Greek. They provide explanations of the grammar you have used and give reviews on your work as well.

The app is free but to access all features; you will have to subscribe at $4 a month. 

Final Thoughts On The Best App To Learn Greek From

You will have gone through the whole list of apps that make learning Greek much more fun and interactive. Some apps specialize in certain aspects of learning the language, like reading, while others offer you more features. Before committing to any of these, you must make use of your free trial and test if their learning method suits you or not. 

Along with learning through apps, it would be beneficial if you get some basic books as well.